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Calespiques a Punta Nati – Section 10 of the Camí de Cavalls

Última actualización: 13/05/2012

Camí de Cavalls - Stage 10
Camí de Cavalls – Stage 10

The Route

Stage10 of the Camí de Cavalls runs from Calespiques to Punta Nati Lighthouse. It is a stage of just over 5 km, of moderate difficulty and suitable for all ages provided it is done on foot. To go by Mountain bike is more difficult, because it is a very rocky route, and with some steep slopes along the way. You will most probably have to get off the bike in several places. Remember to wear a windbreaker jacket in case it blows a lot of wind!!

Of course, you can start the route from either point. In case you want to start the tour from Punta Nati, the simplest option is for someone to take you by car to the Lighthouse. Starting from Calespiques is a bit easier,as the Line 61 of the Torres buses has a bus stop about 200 meters from the start of the tour: bus stop Torre del Ram (107). You can take the bus 61 from Ciutadella or from any of the intermediate bus stops and get off at the Torre del Ram stop.

The route has 3 key landmarks: the famous Pont d’en Gil,Sa Falconera, and the Punta Nati Lighthouse.

Starting point stage 10 Camí de Cavalls
Starting point stage 10 Camí de Cavalls

Tour Facts

Pont d’en Gil

Llaut passing under Pont d'en Gil
Llaut passing under Pont d’en Gil

Pont d’en Gil is a bridge over the sea next to Cala Corbetar. It is very famous for its unique appearance, and during the summer hundreds of small boats «play» to pass under the bridge.

It is possible to take a dip and swim under the bridge(for you can go down to the water), but it would not be wise to do so when there are boats in the area..

Sa Falconera

Sa Falconera
Sa Falconera

Another of the landmarks on the route is the viewpoint of Sa Falconera. It is a viewpoint on top of a cliff on the north coast, very exposed to the wind of Tramontana.

From the viewpoint of Sa Falconera you can see the entire coast until you reach Punta Nati. You can also appreciate Ciutadella and some of the nearby urbanizations.

Punta Nati Lighthouse

Punta Nati Lighthouse
Punta Nati Lighthouse

If you still don’t know the Lighthouse of Punta Nati… run to visit it. Located a few minutes (by car or bike) from Ciutadella,it is an ideal place to contemplate sunsetsand get lost in its cliffs and rocky landscapes.

You can go there day and night, and the road to the lighthouse is paved and has a bike path. You can reach the place by car, by bike and on foot, which makes it a nearby and accessible destination that is usually crowded at sunset.

Map and Points of Interest

Section 10 Camí de Cavalls – Calespiques – Punta Nati


Tour Photos


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