The Best 9 Chiringuitos (Beach Bars)

In summer everyone likes to go to a beach bar to eat a paella or tapas on the shore. And if you can do it on a wonderful beach in Menorca even better! Because besides the food you can enjoy the views.

You need to know that Menorca is an unspoiled and highly ecological protected island. It’s being protected because is a Biosphere reserve. For these reasons it’s a great place for those who love nature.

Ecological protection means that the virgin beaches are really virgin. This means that there are no services, no bars or restaurants. This doesn’t mean that there are no bars on Menorca but they are not on the “postcard beaches” you can see in the publicity. If what you want is to enjoy the beautiful beaches and good chiringuitos you have several options.

These are the ones I consider the best beach bars in Menorca:

1 – Es Bruc – Santo Tomás

Chiringuito Es Bruc
Chiringuito Es Bruc

The chiringuito Es Bruc in Santo Tomás is for me the best beach bar in Menorca. For several reasons. Besides being on the front line of the beach, it’s in the middle of the paradisiacal south coast of the island.

With access on foot to spectacular beaches like Binigaus or Cala Escorxada. The bar is a godsend at the end of a long excursion or the perfect place to eat quietly with wonderful views. The food is typical mediterranean and you can order salads, fish dishes, meat or tapas.

  • Web: facebook
  • Phone: 971 370 488
  • Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

2- Susy – Cala Macarella

Chiringuito Susy en Macarella
Chiringuito Susy en Macarella

This bar is among the best simply because of its privileged environment. It’s the only bar form where you can go to amazing unspoiled beaches such as Macarella, Macarelleta or Turqueta.

The food is the typical of any mediterranean beach bar. They have various starters and combined dishes of meat. Also they have a Kids menu and a full menu of sandwiches. The shade of the trees around you looks wonderful after a long day on the beach.

  • Web: susy
  • Schedule: 10:00 a 23:00 (june to septiember)
  • Phone: 971 359 467
  • Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

3 – Oasis – Son Bou

Chiringuito Oasis - Son Bou
Chiringuito Oasis – Son Bou

This is a great bar on Son Bou beach. It’s a restaurant located in a very touristy and crowded beach during the summer. It offers breakfasts and snacks. You can also have pizza, tapas and some vegetarian dishes. The natural environment is gorgeous but there are a lot of people during the tourists season.

  • Web: facebook
  • Schedule: 09:30 a 23:00
  • Phone: 609 68 74 28
  • Accepts Credit Cards: unknown

4 – Los Bucaneros – Cala Binibeca

Chiringuito Bucaneros - Binibeca
Chiringuito Bucaneros – Binibeca

Los Bucaneros it’s a charming fishing house with a red door that makes it clearly distinctive in any picture. I think that is the bar in Menorca that has tables closer to the sea. Maybe even you could fall into the water while you are eating!

The Binibeca Beach is a very touristy beach next to the village of Binibeca Vell. It’s a highly recommended stop if you decide to have something in Los Bucaneros.

  • Web: –
  • Schedule: during daylight
  • Phone: –
  • Accepts Credit Cards: unknown

5 – Cap Roig – Sa Mesquida

Cap Roig - Sa Mesquida
Cap Roig – Sa Mesquida

The restaurant Cap Roig turned 30 in 2013 congratulations! This restaurant is located in the urbanization Sa Mesquida at only 5 km from the center of Maó. This makes it the best place to get away for lunch with the views over Sa Mesquida bahia.

The food is based on tapas and salads but the main attraction is undoubtedly their fish dishes and their paella.

It’s true that is a bit far from the beach but if you want a beautiful mediterranean landscape enjoy the views of Cap Roig.

  • Web:
  • Schedule: 12:00 a 24:00
  • Phone: 971 18 83 83 (better make a reservation)
  • Accepts Credit Cards: unknown

6 – Trogloditas – Cala Morell

Restaurante Trogloditas - Cala Morell
Restaurante Trogloditas – Cala Morell

You have to know that Cala Morell it’s an unknown place to eat. Its privileged views over coast and its mediterranean food offer makes Trogloditas a good restaurant in front of the sea to go. The environment is not as nice as the south coast of Menorca but I promise you that you will love it!

  • Web: facebook
  • Schedule: 12:00 a 23:00
  • Phone: 619 68 47 35
  • Accepts Credit Card: Yes

7 and 8 – Sa Cova and Pirata – Cala en Blanes

Sa Cova - Calan Blanes
Sa Cova – Calan Blanes

The small and endearing Sa Cova beach bar is a family business with a long history. In the 70’s the father of the current owner bought this little house. It was the place where the fishermen kept their boats. Still today the restaurant continues to serve to a faithful public on the Cala Blanes.

If this is not enough on the same beach of Cala Blanes there is another bar called Pirata. This means that in Cala Blanes there is an interesting nightlife for young and not so young people.

  • Web: facebook
  • Schedule: de día: 10:00 a 12:00
  • Phone: 607 18 75 90
  • Accepts Credit Card: Yes

9 – Restaurante de Binimel·la – Binimel·la

Restaurante Binimel·la
Restaurante Binimel·la

I am not going to lie. I have never eaten in this restaurant. It’s far from the beach but its main advantage is that there is absolutely nothing in all the beaches around. If you want to eat or drink something when you go to beaches like Binimel·la or Pregonda your only option is to go to this restaurant.

When you come back from a long walk to Cala Pregonda and you see this bar is difficult to resist the temptation to enter and drink something. Specially if the sun is beating down.

  • Web: –
  • Schedule: during daylight
  • Phone: –
  • Accepts Credit Card: unknown

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