Cala en Turqueta Beach

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cala turqueta menorca vista aerea
Cala en Turqueta Beach – airview

Cala Turqueta is for many people the most beautiful cala of the island. It’s a little beach with blue water with white fine sand and it’s surrounded by pine trees and divided in two by some rocks.

The name of Turqueta  (turquoise) comes from the color of the water which is very clear and crystalline. Due to its orientation, in summer, the shadow covers some spaces of the sand earlier than the rest of the beaches, so people tend to leave the beach pretty soon.

If you like to stay in the beach even if the sun doesn’t light up the beach, you will love Cala Turqueta as at the dusk, there are only few people left and some sailing boats anchored in the bay.

How To Get There

To arrive to Cala turqueta you have to take from Ciutadella the path of Sant Joan de Missa and follow the signs. Once you get to the parking, you are only at 10 minutes walking from a paradisiacal beach that appears in many postal cards of the island.

Although Cala Turqueta is a virgin beach, in the parking you can find a small snack bar with bathroom where you can buy sandwiches and beverages.

Once You Are there

If you go to Cala Turqueta, try not to arrive at the late afternoon, as it’s a beach where the sun leaves the sand pretty early. On the other hand, if you try to go at midday it’s possible that you find yourself in a parking full of cars. Therefore, if you like to stay many hours in the beach, the best option is to go early in the morning.

In case you go at the afternoon, the best thing you can do is to place yourself towards the sea, as much to the left as you can, so you can have 30 minutes or 1 hour of extra sun.

One of the main problems of Cala Turqueta is that it allows mini cruises that come from Ciutadella to unload a multitude of tourists in a very short time. This boats usually arrive in the morning or at midday, and because of this, the beach becomes very crowded in few minutes. you can make yourself an idea of how the beach looks like with the following picture.

Cala Turqueta después de recibir turistas de un crucero
Cala Turqueta after recieving tourists from a cruise




Map and Points of Interest

Hotels near Cala En Turqueta

To find an accomodation near Cala en Turqueta is very difficult as it’s a virgin beach very isolated. The only option, a pretty good one, is to stay in the spectacular rural hotel of Morvedra Nou:

  1. Hotel Rural Morvedra Nou: Very close to the best beaches of the south of Menorca, and at the same time very close to Ciutadella.

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2 thoughts on “Cala en Turqueta Beach

  • All the best beaches are in isolated areas.
    If you want foot access to a beach from your hotel, I would recommend Santo Tomas area.
    You can go to Santo Tomas beach, very crowded, or you can walk to other less crowded beaches like Binigaus, Escorxada, Fustam and Talis.
    Hotels in Santo Tomas

  • Hello thanks a lot for the blog, it’s very interesting ! I’m planning in Menorca during The first week of may. I’m looking for a very beautiful beach and foot access in order to not take the car everyday. Which beach, area and hotel would you recommand please? Thanks a lot !


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