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Cala Presili (también conocida como Capifort)
Cala Presili (a.k.a. Capifort)

Cala Presili (also called Capifort) is the first beach where you arrive from the Favàritx lighthouse through the route of Camí de Cavalls. It doesn’t look like the beaches in north of Menorca. Its sand is white and fine and doesn’t have the characteristic red color of other beaches such as Cavalleria or Pregonda.

The beach is usually frequented by nudists and is within the limits of the Albufera des Grau. This means you arein a protected space, declared a Biosphere Reserve, so please respect the environment.

How To Get There

From both Ciutadella and Mao you must go to the Fàvaritx Lighthouse or to the Albufera des Grau. When you arrive at the road that leads you to the lighthouse you have to ignore the “private property” sign and go ahead. Around 200m before arriving at the lighthouse on the left side of the road there is a parking. A little further on the right there is the diversion of Camamil·la with the information signs of Cala Presili and Cala Tortuga. In front of the parking there is indicated the path of the Camí de Cavalls.

Acceso a Cala Tortuga y Cala Presili (Capifort) - Son Camamil·la
Acces to Cala Tortuga and Cala Presili (Capifort) – Son Camamil·la diversion

From the Camamil·la diversion, just in front of the parking, tou’ll see the signs to the beaches. To go to Presili you’ll have to walk less than 1 km through the Cami de Cavalls. When the path has to possible ways to continue, you can choose to go to Tortuga beach or to Presili. You can also make the route by bike (mountain bike) without difficulties.

Camino a Cala Presili
Arriving to Cala Presili

If you would like to go to Cala Tortuga you have to walk one more kilometer from the diversion. But you need to know that it’s more crowded than Cala Presili. Personally I like more Cala Presili – Capifort

Once You Are There

As you may guessed there are’nt any kind of services in Cala Presili. If you go in summer do not forget to bring some water. On the beach you can enjoy a crystalline water and views to Favàritx lighthouse.

Faro Favàritx visto desde Cala Presili
Favàritx lighthouse seen from Cala Presili beach

It’s a good place to practice the snorkel or scuba diving. If you also like hiking do not miss a visit to Cala Tortuga. You only need to follow the path that you made just before the deviating and walk 1200 meters. The views of the Cala Tortuga and the Bahia behind it are worthwhile!

Map & Points Of Interest


Hotels Near de Cala Presili

The accommodations near Cala Presili are the same as on Cala Tortuga. If you stay in Port d’Addan you will have 40 minutes to the beach counting the route by car and on foot.

  1. Menurka port d’Alddaia: Villas into the best areas of Es Mercadal. In a peaceful and quite environment. Without traffic. In 25 minutes you can get to the beach.
  2. Castell Sol Apartments: If you can’t afford to be in Menurka these apartments are in the same zone and are the more affordable. Swimming pool, wifi, sea … What more do you want?

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