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The Camí de Cavalls (Horse Road) of Menorca is considered historic heritage and declared of cultural interest by the Comunidad Autónoma of the Illes Balears (CAIB).

It’s a famous path of 185 km that surrounds all the island close to the coast. Although the origin of the Camí de Cavalls is unknown, during the XVIII century it was used for militar defense because it allowed the militar authority to surveil the coast.

It was also used by farmers and its access was completely free for everybody. Along the XX century the Camí de Cavalls suffered a considerable deterioration mainly because of the lack of maintenance and the disuse of some parts. To recover effectively the utility of this path, in 2000 a law was enacted with the aim to establish a public path through the original path of the Camí de Cavalls, to allow its general and free use.

Going through the Camí de Cavalls

Thanks to that law, the Camí de Cavalls is now a place very frequented by hikers and tourists, and also people riding horses or bikes, that enjoy the beautiful views and the fauna and flora of Menorca.

If you are interested in going along the path, I recommend you to check the difficulty of the part you want to go through. There are some streches that can be made by bike, but sme others are more difficult unless you go walking. Despite this, if you have experience with your Mountain Bike, you will be probably willing to venture some parts of the path.

It’s assumed that from April of 2010, you can go through the Camí de Cavalls along the whole path. That means that it’s possble to go across all its streches with no obstacles from the beggining to the end. From now on, the work to improve the path will be focused on making it passable during all seasons of the year and on establishing resting points. I encourage you to make the whole path in 7 days!

Where to Sleep in the Camí de Cavalls

If yoou want to know in which hostels, hottels or apartments accomodate in the Camí de Cavalls, the best thing you can do is to check the Guide of “walking around the path of the Camí de Cavalls in 7 days”.

Trail Camí de Cavalls

If you like extreme sports, I recommend you to visit the website of Trail Menorca You can register on one of the different marathon races that are held in Menorca through the Camí de Cavalls during May every year. The different options are:

  • Trail Camí de Cavalls: 185 km, only for the profesional ones.
  • Trail North Coast: 100km.
  • Trail South Coast: 85 km
  • Trekking North: 32 km
  • Trekking Soth: 55 km

Books/Guides of the Camí de Cavalls

In addition to the Camí de Cavalls Guide, there is another guide of the Editorial Alpina with senderism and BTT routes through the Camí de Cavalls (GR-223). This guide is on sale since February of 2011 and it’s having a great success in Balearic Islands and Catalonia. The guide is writen by Jaume Tor and it can be bought in catalan or in its trilingual version (Spanish, German, English). You can buy the guide using this links:

You can also buy the MenorcaDiferente Guide of 2015 that contains summarized information pretty convenient if you are visiting the island, and you can have it in your smartphone or tablet.

Camí de Cavalls Maps

If you want to do a trip through the Camí de Cavalls, I recommend yo to check the maps that you can see below.

It is also recommendable to visit some tourist information point to obtain information about the different streches  as the status of the path can change from one year to another. In case you want to know about the different streches and its difficulty, you should buy the Camí de Cavalls Guide edited in 2009.

Mapa Completo del Camí de Cavalls - Consell Insular de Menorca
Mapa Completo del Camí de Cavalls – Consell Insular de Menorca (Click para Descargar PDF)
Itinerarios del Camí de Cavalls
Map of routes of Camí de Cavalls
Mapa de tramos y accesos del Camí de Cavalls (click para ver ampliado)
Map of access points and streches of Camí de Cavalls (click to amplify)

Watch Out the Fines!

According to the law of 2009, the modification of the sign posts of the Camí de Cavalls is considered a serious infraction penalised with fines that go from 5 to 25 million of the old pesetas (30.000 to 150.000 Euro). So be careful with the signs placed along the path, don’t break them!

Streches of the Camí de Cavalls according to the Official Guide

If you want to go through the Camí de Cavalls walking or cycling, here you have a list of the official streches of the Camí de Cavalls Guide.

The difficulty reffers only to senderism as all phases are highly difficult if you want to go across them by Mountain Bike.

  1. Sa Mesquida <> Es Grau (4.21 km, medium difficulty)
  2. Es Grau <> Favàritx (8.53 km, medium difficulty)
  3. Favàritx <> Port d’Addaia (7.74 km, medium difficulty)
  4. Son Saura <> Ses Salines de Fornells (4.88 km, low difficulty)
  5. Cala Tirant <> Binimel·là (8.43 km, medium difficulty)
  6. Binimel·là <> Cala del Pilar(8.90 km, high difficulty)
  7. Cala del Pilar <> Algaiarens (8.22 km, medium difficulty)
  8. Algaiarens <> Cala Morell (3.97 km, medium difficulty, 2h30)
  9. Cala Morell <> Punta Nati (6.84 km, easy difficulty)
  10. Punta Nati <> Calespiques (5.17 km, easy difficulty)
  11. Cala Blanca <> Cap d’Artrutx (4.10 km, easy difficulty)
  12. Son Xoriguer <> Cala en Turqueta (8.89 km, medium difficulty)
  13. Cala en Turqueta <> Cala Galdana (4.39 km easy difficulty)
  14. Cala Galdana <> Santo Tomás (9.97 km, medium difficulty)
  15. Santo Tomás <> Son Bou (2.93 km, easy difficulty)
  16. Son Bou <> Cala en Porter(7.80 km, medium difficulty)
  17. Cala en Porter <> Es Canutells (4.75 km, easy difficulty)
  18. Es Canutells <> Cap den Font (3.73 km, easy difficulty)
  19. Punta Prima <> Alcalfar (2.26 km, easy difficulty)
  20. Alcalfar <> Cala de Sant Esteve (4.17 km, easy difficulty)

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Detailed Maps of the Streches (CIME)

Some years ago, the Consell Insular of Menorca (CIME) published some maps with 26 streches of the Camí de Cavalls very detailed. Following you will find these maps of the streches, that are no longer considered updates since the publication of the Camí de Cavalls Official Guide at the end of 2009. This streches aren’t the latest version, but they help me to planify trips as the detail is very high.


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