14 Boat or Kayak Activities in Menorca – 2020

Menorca is an island with more than 100 beaches scattered throughout its coast. Most tourists visit multiple beaches by land accessing each one.

If instead of going by land you go by boat, you have the possibility to discover more isolated coves or visit more coves at the same time.

Here you have

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Cala Pregondó – S’Alairó – S’Embarcator

Cala Pregondó (also known as S’Alairó and S’Embarcador) is a small beach located next to its older sister Cala Pregonda.

It is a beach facing north but very well protected from the swell both by the pits of its right and by the Escull de Pregonda.

One of the curiosities of the sands of Pregonda and Pregondó is that they are part of the most fertile agricultural land of Menorca, known as Martinells. These lands are the ones that receive the most rainwater annually from all menorca.

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Cala Alcaufar Beach

Cala Alcaufar is a very small beach in the area of Sant Lluís whose shape protects it from almost any type of swell.

The beach is 35 meters long and 45 meters wide and has plenty of space for towels. The most recognizable thing about this cove is the impressive terrace of The Hotel Xuroy, which is located practically on the sea.

This beach is usually frequented by families with children for several reasons:

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