Which Menorca Beaches Are Less Crowded in Summer?

If you are looking for deserted beaches in summer in Menorca you will have already noticed that it is difficult. Menorca is a very popular destination in summer and there are hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit the beaches every year.

In this article you will discover which beaches you have to go to in summer (June to August) to find the most empty beaches. As you probably already imagine, to go to the beaches with fewer people you will have to walk and enough.

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Top 10 Outdoor Activities – 2020

If you go to Menorca on holiday and want to do some outdoor activity do not miss what I consider the Top 10. In addition to having a list with many unspoilt beaches, you have dozens of outdoor plans.

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The 9 Best Beach Bars – 2020

Menorca is an unspoilt island and it is a very protected area on an ecological level. This means that the pristine beaches are really unspoilt and have no services, no bars or restaurants. This does not mean that there are no beach bars in Menorca, but almost none are in the beaches that you can see in the advertising brochures.

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