Fornells Tower

The Tower of Fornells is a defensive tower from the British era of Menorca. Menorca is full of defensive towers that surround the coast of the island, and the Torre de Fornells is one of the best preserved after its restoration.

The Tower was built between 1801 and 1802 with the aim of guarding the entrance to the port of Fornells and protecting the castle of Sant Antoni. The construction was made with dry wall and its exterior was reinforced with sandstone blocks,

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What to Do in Menorca When It Rains or with Bad Weather (or in Winter)

The vast majority of visitors to Menorca usually come in summer season, when the weather is nice, the sun shines, and the beaches are quite full.

Whether you’re in Menorca in summer and it’s bad weather, or you’re in colder times (autumn and winter), here’s a good list of 17 plans you can make when the weather’s bad or raining.

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10 Places of Interest to Visit in Menorca

We are not tired of saying that Menorca is much more than sun and beach. Yes, the beaches are paradisiacal and they are the main attraction, but Menorca has places of interest throughout its territory. If you are going to stay a long time or if during your stay you find yourself with rainy or cloudy days, here are 10 plans in Menorca that you can’t miss.

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Sanitja Port – Sanisera

The Sanitja port or Sanisera is a natural port located next to the old roman town Sansiera. The port is in the Caballeria cape and it has an approximately lenght of 800 meters and very little depth which represent a perfect shelter against Tramuntana wind for boats.

The port isn’t very exploited and you can barely see few little wooden boats during high season

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