Cavallería Beach

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Cala Cavalleria en Verano

Cavalleria Beach is located in the north of Menorca. It is far from the developments and is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. In summer it gets very busy, but you can always park relatively close and for free.

It has over 500 meters in length and a width that despite progressively being reduced by the erosion, remains more than sufficient to put the towel and enjoy the views.

In summer, especially in the month of August , it is normal to see the beach quite crowded with tourists, as it is a very nice spot and with very good access and free parking. What else can you ask for?

How To Get To Cavalleria Beach

To reach Cavalleria you need  to drive towards Es Mercadal along the main road of Menorca, and take the road to the beaches when  you see the signals. Don0t worry, it’s really well indicated, it’s hardly possible to get lost.

The beach access has to be done on foot, but there is free parking located at about 500 meters from the beach (see map). The path to the beach is full of rocks of all sizes, but you can walk without difficulty with any footwear .

Once You Are There …

The beach sand is thick so it doesn’t get as sticky as in other beaches. When there is not much swell you can make a short excursion diving to the rock in the middle of the “microbay”, but you must be careful because the rocky areas are often plagued with hedgehogs.

When the waves are strong, it is possible to practice surf, but don’t expect spectacular waves in the summer months.

If you get bored of the beach and you like hiking, you have behind you the famous Camí de Cavalls which takes you to Cala Mica within 10 minutes, a beach which is almost always empty (it’s not as beautiful as Cavalleria).

Cala Cavalleria desde el Camí de Cavalls
Cala Cavalleria from the Camí de Cavalls to Cala Mica

Map and Points Of Interest

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