Cavalleria Lighthouse

Cavalleria Lighthouse

Cavalleria Lighthouse is one of the most unique lighthouses of Menorca. This lighthouse is located at the northernmost point of the island, the Cape of Cavalleria, and can be reached by car through a narrow and beatiful road.

You may park your car for free a few meters from the lighthouse. Most people visiting the lighthouse does so during the day, but the most popular activity is withot doubts the spectacular sunset. If you decide to walk around the different areas around the lighthouse, you can enjoy spectacular views.

You can also visit the lighthouse during the night, but then you should be really careful with cliffs, over 15 meters high.

Vista de la Illa d'es Porros desde el faro de Cavalleria
Vista de la Illa d’es Porros desde el faro de Cavalleria

Next to the Cavalleria lighthouse there is a really small cave. You may enter this cave (no more than 15 or 20 meters deep) and enjoy a very good view of  the sunset over the tiny island named “Illa des Porros”.

It is a great place from which to watch the sunset. Undoubtedly one of the most romantic sunsets sun can be seen from Menorca.

The Tradition

If you visit the lighthouse of Cavalleria, you may be surprised how many piles of stones can be found around. Tourists visiting the lighthouse often create small piles of stone.

The “tradition” says that if you create a pile of stones at the seaside and ask the lighthouse the desire to come back to Menorca, this will be fulfilled. I have not yet created any pile, but if I have helped improve others sometimes.

There are some local people that sistematically destroy this piles of rocks, as they defend are unnatural and not good for the environment.

My recommendation: just build the pile if you feel like it, ask your desire and then practice your best karate kick and destroy the pile. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Montoncitos de piedras en los alrededores del faro de Cavalleria
Montoncitos de piedras en los alrededores del faro de Cavalleria

The Sunset

The sunset in the Cavalleria Lighthouse is simply spectacular in the summer months. The number of colors (yellow, red, pink, you name it!) and shades paint the sky and create a breathtaking scenery. I have some photos in chronological order to give you an idea of how beautiful it is to witness the sunset.

Puesta de sol en Cavallería - 3
Puesta de sol en Cavallería – 3
Puesta de sol en Cavallería - 4
Puesta de sol en Cavallería – 4


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