Pont d’en Gil Natural Bridge

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Pont den Gil Bridge - by bike
Pont den Gil Bridge – by bike

The Pont d’en Gil is a “hanging” natural bridge near Ciutadella. This bridge is simply is a “hole” in the cliffs below which small and medium boats may pass.

It is possible to visit this magnificent place on foot or by bike (thanks to Cami de Cavalls GR223), but the best way is definitely by sea if you can afford it.

Around the Pont d’en Gil area there is a very known underwater cave, well known by divers on the island, called Sa Cigonya. With a depth of about 300 meters. The cave can be seen from the sea, but it is only possible to enter it diving.

How To Get There

You can reach the Pont den Gil bridge with any type of boat. If you get there just give it a try and go through the bridge if your boat is small enough.

You can walk to the Pont den Gil area without any problem. To reach Cala en Blanes (beginning of the road), you only have to go to Ciutadella, and before you begin to see signs to Cala en Blanes and Los Delfines. In the area where the trail starts there will be no problem parking your car for free.

You can also walk there from Cala’n Blanes (see map). If you’re a bike lover, you can also try this little excursion from Cala en Blanes to the Pont den Gil by bike, but the truth is that this stretch of Cami de Cavalls Track is quite complicated by bike.

Once You Are There

If you went to Pont den Gil by boat, the least you should do is try to pass under the bridge with it. Please be careful with the size of your boat and sea conditions!

If you’ve encouraged yoursef to visit on foot or by bike, you can practice a little bit of snorkel as it is a very interesting area with many rocks and underwater caves.

Do not forget your camera to take pictures! Finally, if you’re into hiking and scenery, you can not miss the trip to the lighthouse at Punta Nati by the Camí de Cavalls Track. It is an easy hike if you go on foot with a spectacular desertic landscape on the way

Lancha preparandose para cruzar el Pont den Gil
Lancha preparandose para cruzar el Pont den Gil


Map & Points Of Interest

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