Punta Nati Lighthouse

Acceso al Far de Punta Nati
Access to Punta Nati Lighthouse

The Punta Nati Lighthouse is the closest lighthouse to Ciutadella (excluding Sa Farola). For me is one of the best places in Menorca to watch the sunset. This lighthouse was built in 1912 in order to avoid the continuous shipwrecks of the north coast of Ciutadella.

How To Get There

You can reach this place by taking a beautiful path that can be made both by car or by bike. The path starts in one of the roundabout of the road that goes to one of the villages of Cala en Blanes.

Once you take the deviation to the lighthouse (You will see a sign indicating Punta Nati) the path is a two-way road but it’s incredibly narrow and with two bicycle lanes during a long part of the path. If you are driving your car you should be very careful as it’s likely to find some cyclists at the side of the path.

By car you can arrive to the  lighthouse in 10 minutes approximately, and by bike you will last between 20 and 30 minutes. It’s a 5km path, so you can also go by walking. Parking the car is easy, but the closer you get to the lighthouse, the narrower gets the path. It comes to a point where it’s impossible to park without blocking the path, so you have to decide where do you want to stop the car. If you have any doubts, I recommend you to park behind another car.

Carretera hacia Punta Nati.
Path to Punta Nati.

Once You Are There…

Far de Punta Nati
Punta Nati

During summer days, the path that arrives to the lighthouse is usually very crowded with cars as it’s a popular place and many people go there to watch the sunset. Habitually, you have to park a bit far from the lighthouse and walk for around 3 minutes.

Even though you go in summer, don’t forget to bring a sweater. Punta Nati is at the mercy of the wind, and when the north wind blows (Tramuntana) if you are in a short-sleeved T-shirt it can be unbearable. At night you can also visit the lighthouse to see the stars. The lighthouse is placed somewhere enough far from any village or urbanization which avoids the light pollution and it makes it possinle to see the stars clearly. Going to Punta Nati at night without jersey it’s almost reckless.

Some Sport and Hiking

Did you know that the lighthouse is in the middle of the Camí de Cavalls (Horse Path)? That means that from the lighthouse you can start walking surrounding Menorca until you get tired. If you want to go through a quite fun stage, I recommend you to go from Punta Nati to the Pont d’en Gil


Map and Points of Interest

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