14 Boat or Kayak Activities in Menorca – 2020

Menorca is an island with more than 100 beaches scattered throughout its coast. Most tourists visit multiple beaches by land accessing each one.

If instead of going by land you go by boat, you have the possibility to discover more isolated coves or visit more coves at the same time.

Here you have

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Top 10 Outdoor Activities – 2020

If you go to Menorca on holiday and want to do some outdoor activity do not miss what I consider the Top 10. In addition to having a list with many unspoilt beaches, you have dozens of outdoor plans.

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Menorca in 7 days – What to See and Do in Menorca

If you are going to be in Menorca for 7 days this is the guide to the best activities, beaches and restaurants that I recommend visiting. The guide is planned by days, taking into account the proximity between each activity or place, but you can also exchange the activities between days without any problem, ¡these are your holidays!

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