Binibeca Beach

La zona de Binibeca está bastante frecuentada durante el verano, en parte por culpa del maravilloso pueblo de binibèquer vell, que atrae a centenares de turistas. La playa de Binibeca es bastante pequeña y está junto al centro urbano conocido como Binibèquer Nou, por lo que se trata de una playa urbana.

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Cala Binisafúller

The small beach of Binisafúller, also known as Binisafua, is a white sand cala located in the south coast of Menorca in the Sant Lluis village, next to Cala Binibeca

The beach is very small, and it has a shape of U which means that it’s well protected against the waves. On the left side of the cala there is a small artificial ramp through which boats can get in and out of the water.

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Binibèquer Vell (Binibeca)

Binibèquer Vell (or Binibeca Vell) is one of the most visited areas of Menorca during the summer. It is a “village” built in 1972 as an imitation of the old fishermen’s houses. If you’re looking for some information about its history, you may find very derogatory comments about Binibèquer. For some people it is only a “big lie”, a village built to deceive tourists into believing that it is an authentic old fishing village.

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