7 Days Tour On Foot Around Menorca Through The Camí de Cavalls GR223

This is a guide for hikers who want to explore the full Camí de Cavalls in 7 days. To go around the Camí de Cavalls in just 7 days you have to be in good shape, because in total you have to walk more than 150km at a rate of 4 km / hour. The tour starts in Maó and starts along the north coast of Menorca which is much harder than the south coast, because it has longer stretches without possibility of stops.

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Calespiques a Punta Nati – Section 10 of the Camí de Cavalls

Stage 10 of the Camí de Cavalls runs from Calespiques to Punta Nati Lighthouse. It is a stage of just over 5 km of moderate difficulty and suitable for all ages as long as it is done on foot. To go by Mountain bike is more difficult, because it is a very rocky route, and with some steep slopes along the way. You will most probably have to get off the bike in several places.

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Cala Trebalúger

Cala trebalúger is an isolated beach with difficult access by walking or by any other transport. Is one of the best beaches of the south, a sandy beach with crystalline waters. One of its main characteristic is that it has a river that flows into the sea.

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The Guide of the Camí de Cavalls

In November 2009, the Consell Insular de Menorca presented the first Camí de Cavalls Guide in Menorca. The Guide of the Camí is intended to be a tool that helps residents and tourists interested in knowing the roads surrounding the island of Menorca.

The Guide of the Camí de Cavalls has 180 pages and 14 chapters in which everything related to the Camí de Cavalls and its heritage and landscape value is explained in detail. In the last two chapters you can find information about the routes of the camí, the difficulties of each route, the peculiarities, etc.

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