Cala Talis, also known as Altalis, is a small sand beach of 20 meters long that is often… The beach is placed between Son Bou and Santo Tomás, and that’s way usually is not very crowded, not even in summer, as the beach doesn’t have any kind of service, and in Son Bou or Santo Tomás you can find parkings, hotels, beach bars and all types of services.

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Cala Presili Beach – Capifort

Cala Presili (also called Capifort) is the first beach where you arrive from the Favàritx lighthouse through the route of Camí de Cavalls. It doesn’t look like the beaches in north of Menorca. Its sand is white and fine and doesn’t have the characteristic red color of other beaches such as Cavalleria or Pregonda.

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Cala Tortuga

Cala Tortuga is an unspoilt beach on the north coast of Menorca, located next to the lighthouse of Favàritx and very close to the also known Cala Presili (or Cala Capifort). Cala Tortuga is also known as Arenal de Morella, but in all guides, maps and posters it appears as Cala Tortuga. The name of the beach comes from the turtles that inhabit the lagoon next to the beach (Morella lagoon).

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