Sant Joan Festivities in Ciutadella

The celebrations of Sant Joan in Ciutadella are unique and spectacular . For a few days the city of Ciutadella is transformed into a place where more and more people celebrate a very fun and family centered parties. Sant Joan dates have become over the years an increasingly popular tourist attraction, so people from all over Europe and especially Catalonia travel to Ciutadella in late June .

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Traveling to Menorca

To travel to Menorca you can choose between two options: by boat or by plane. Depending on your place of stay on the island it may be more advisable one or the other option. The vast majority of people in Spain have their holidays during the month of July or August. In case you are one of the privileged ones who can distance yourself from this trend and choose when you can travel to Menorca, it is best to travel in June or September if you are looking for good weather and “few” people.

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The Guide of the Camí de Cavalls

In November 2009, the Consell Insular de Menorca presented the first Camí de Cavalls Guide in Menorca. The Guide of the Camí is intended to be a tool that helps residents and tourists interested in knowing the roads surrounding the island of Menorca.

The Guide of the Camí de Cavalls has 180 pages and 14 chapters in which everything related to the Camí de Cavalls and its heritage and landscape value is explained in detail. In the last two chapters you can find information about the routes of the camí, the difficulties of each route, the peculiarities, etc.

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