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The video Menorca Diferente was filmed in Menorca during the tourist season, during the months of June, July and August 2013.

The aim of the video is to show everything that a normal person can enjoy during their vacations in Menorca.

No actors, no set-ups, no tremendous cold during the filming. As you see it you can live it yourself. Do not hesitate and travel to Menorca for your vacations!

Video Locations

Here is some information about some of the sites featured in the video.

Sant Adeodato

Sant Adeodato - Video 2014
Sant Adeodato – Video 2014

Great beach 5 minutes walk from Santo Tomas, the sunsets are so beautiful. If you don’t like this one you also have Binigaus beach right next to it, you can walk there. The islet you see in the background is a great place to jump and dive!

Coast in front of Cala en Brut

Offshore in Cala en Brut - Video 2014
Offshore in Cala en Brut – Video 2014

In most of the rocky bottoms of Menorca it is easy to see hidden starfish like this one. After a swim in Cala en Brut a little diving or snorkeling is not bad at all.

Cala Mitjana

Cala Mitjana - Video 2014
Cala Mitjana – Video 2014

Cala Mitjana and Cala Mitjaneta look this beautiful from the Camí de Cavalls. The visit is almost a must, and if you like jumps you have a nice cliff right next to the beach.

Favàritx Lighthouse

Faro de Favàritx - Video 2014
Favàritx Lighthouse – Video 2014

This beautiful lighthouse, located in a very rocky terrain and exposed to the north wind, is in an area that you will like for how different it is from the rest of the island. If you go on a windy day, wrap up warm and don’t fly away!

Jocs des Pla – Sant Joan in Ciutadella

Jocs des Pla - Video 2014
Jocs des Pla – Video 2014

What you see in the background of the image is a galloping rider with a lance in his hand. Danger and excitement in equal parts during the Jocs des Pla in Cituadella. Don’t even think of passing in front of the Horse!You have not yet seen one of the best parties in Menorca.?


The song of the video is called Cavallería, composed by walden, a group from Barcelona.

What Can I See and Do in Menorca?

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