Personalized Visits to Menorca with Private Guide

Última actualización: 21/09/2023

From 2021 we will no longer offer this service

Get to know the Best of Menorca

We organize your trip to Menorca with a private guide so you can enjoy the best of Menorca in the time you have available.

  • Visit the best Virgin Beaches by boat, on foot, on horseback or by bike. Anything is possible.
  • Get to know the villages of Menorca and its extensive history with a private guide.
  • Tour the monuments of the island, there are more than 1000 outdoor monuments, our guide will explain them to you.
  • Enjoy Equestrian Shows in magnificent farms.
  • Go shopping, we’ll take you there!
  • Eat and Dine at the best restaurants: we help you choose the best places.

No Minimum or Maximum Days

We create a customized plan according to your preferences and available time.

It doesn’t matter if you stay for a day, a weekend or longer.

Contact without obligation

Contact us and we will make sure you have the best vacation you can have in Menorca.

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  • Descubre Menorca y sus maravillas para pasar unas vacaciones inolvidables
  • ¡2.084 personas ya se la han descargado! Hasta hoy a todo el mundo le ha gustado 😉

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