Car Rental Tips for Minorca

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Road to a Beach in Menorca
Road to a Beach in Menorca

Although it is possible to get around by public transportation, bike or taxi in Menorca, the car is definitely the option that offers more freedom of movement. Not everyone can or wants to reach the island by boat, so in summer there are thousands of people who need to rent a car. If you are planning to visit the best beaches and to move around the island, you should defiinetly rent a car.

The car hire business in Menorca is a totally seasonal business. During the months of June to September there is much more demand than supply and prices tend to rise.

In 2009 there was an obvious shortage of rental vehicles, and many people tried to rent vehicles to individuals to get by. For all this, if you are thinking of using a car in Menorca during your holidays. is best to book in advance your vehicle.

Car Rental Companies

Aeropuerto de Menorca - Alquiler de coches
Aeropuerto de Menorca – Alquiler de coches

In Menorca the car rental companies are everywhere, you can find one in every little town. There are also some hotels and small businesses that rent cars on a small scale. Some of the best known companies are:

  • Ownerscars: They are the cheapest for rentals of less than 4 days. From there you have to be careful with petrol costs that try to charge you, but even then sometimes pays off. For me the best option.
  • Hertz: A company well known internationally. For those who do not want surprises or are regular customers.
  • Budget: They make a discount if you pay in advance instead of paying when you pick the car.
  • Avis: well-known company, a little more expensive than other options.
  • EuropCar: Another internationally known company.
  • AutosValls: A Menorca company with offices around the south coast of the island. They are not the cheapest but they don’t charge fuel costs that are absurd and scammy.
  • GoldCar: Another cheap company trying to collect gasoline disproportionate costs if you rent more than three days. Try toget the full/full deposit policy or avoid at all cost.
  • AutosVivo: Family Business of Menorca. Good option.
  • Balmes Rent a Car: Local company. They rent vehicles from 21 years and up.

Avoid Scams!

Something that is becoming usual among rental companies is attempting to collect a full tank when the lease is for a period of four days or more. In such cases, you should know that the cost of the fuel load is much bigger than the real cost of the tank.

I recommend paying a penalty (which may be around € 20 plus VAT) instead of the full deposit, and then return the car full of gasoline. Otherwise you will be charged a deposit exorbitant price (over 80 €) and make you return the car empty when it is much easier to return the car full as there is a petrol station inside the airport. Have fun in Menorca!

Final Tips for Your Decision

As always, here you have my personal advice for those wanting to rent a vehicle during their holidays in Menorca.

  • If you’re not quite a disaster, GPS is not required on the island. Menorca is a small island and with a good map can get out of any situation.
  • If you are under 25, it is likely that the rental company will charge a premium for young driver. If you can put the car on behalf of someone older than 25 years you will have a lower price.
  • Watch out for the tires. The insurance does not cover them and the roads to the best beaches are unpaved, as you can see in the photograph.
  • If you can, collect and return your car at the airport. Although it is a little more expensive, the comfort of arriving and having your car is fantastic.
  • Always ask for full/full tank rates. There is a gas station next to the airport.
  • Use the car search below: searches hundreds of sites, and you can sort by price.

Book Now and Cancel for Free if You Change Your Mind

Have I mentioned that the demmand is greater than the offer yet? What are you waiting for, you can cancel later if you find a better rate.

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