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One Island, 75 Beaches

Officially there are 75 beaches in Menorca. These beaches can be classified by soil type, depending on whether they are sandy, gravel, rocky or pebbly beaches. The 75 beaches are divided as follows (not all are classified).

  • 46 sandy beaches
  • 1 gravel beach
  • 5 rocky beaches
  • 4 pebble beaches

Where are the beaches of Menorca?

As for the location of the beaches by municipality, most of them are located in Ciutadella and Es Mercadal:

How are the beaches of Menorca?

Another way to classify beaches is according to whether they are isolated beaches or urban beaches. Isolated beaches, usually called virgin beaches, are the most appreciated by most people, but there are also urban and semi-urban beaches. In Menorca you can find mainly isolated beaches:

As you can see, most of the island’s beaches are sandy and are located mainly in Ciutadella, Es Mercadal and Maó.

If you need detailed information about the beaches of Menorca, I recommend you to visit this excellent Menorca beach search engine, where you can search by different criteria and find the beach you like the most.

What are the best beaches in Menorca?

Many people who visit the island for a short period of time ask themselves which are the
the 10 best beaches on the island
to take advantage of and visit them all.

It is impossible to establish a clear criterion, since each beach offers different things: tranquility, comfort, services, fun, etc. If I had to recommend some beaches they would be the following:

For Lovers of Landscape and Tranquility

Cala Pregonda in August
Cala Pregonda in August
  1. Cala Pregonda: the favorite of almost all tourists who endure the 40 minutes of excursion.

  2. Escorxada Cove
    Isolated in the south of the island, of very difficult access (1 hour) and exposed to the south wind.
  3. Es Talaier: for those who do not have enough with Son Saura.
  4. Macarelleta: The one in the 2010 star damm ad.

  5. Binimel-là
    : the preview of cala pregonda

  6. Cavalleria
    A luxury in the north with parking at 5 minutes and the camí de cavalls passing behind.
  7. Cala en Turqueta: Another favorite of the tourists of Menorca. Sometimes it gets too crowded.
  8. Cala Pilar: Another isolated cove , with a 40-minute walk but in a wooded environment that is appreciated.
  9. Cala Tortuga: Spectacular beach in the north area, there are usually few people because to get there you go through Cala Presili, which is also a marvel, so people stay there.
  10. Cala Cabra Salada: If you do not arrive by sea you are a champion. There are goats on the shore!

For those looking for Fun and Vacuum Jumps

Sunset at Cala en Brut
Sunset at Cala en Brut
  1. Cala en Brut: beach with artificial platforms designed specifically for diving from cliffs of different heights.
  2. Cala Mitjana: it has a cliff with a couple of areas from where there are almost always people jumping.
  3. Cala Pregonda: if you swim to the “escull de pregonda” you can jump into a “natural pool” available to very few.

For those seeking comfort

Son Bou and Talis
Son Bou and Talis
  1. Son Saura: long, with parking capacity and bathrooms at the entrance.

  2. Santo Tomas
    beach full of hotels and bars/restaurants with several parking lots. Very touristic.

  3. Son Bou
    : the longest beach of Menorca, very accessible and in the same style as Santo Tomás.
  4. Cala Galdana: full of tourists, sunbeds, bars and stores. Infinite parking lots and guaranteed enjoyment.
  5. Cala en Porter: it has a parking lot 20 meters from the beach and you don’t have to go up or down stairs.

  6. Binibeca Cove
    Another with parking and a good beach bar in the first line.
  7. Son Xoriguer: several parking lots a few meters away from the beach, lifeguard, bars and restaurants, etc.

For those who want to snorkel or dive

Cala Pilar
Pilar Cove
  1. Cala Pilar: inside the marine reserve of the north of Menorca. Beware of currents

  2. Morell Cove
    The most accessible beach of the marine reserve of Menorca.
  3. Cavalleria: Very good snorkeling site if you go 3o meters away from the coast, there is everything and you can see that it is a marine reserve.
  4. Cala Viola: In the cape of Cavallería, also within the marine reserve.

  5. Pregonda Cove
    Despite the boat traffic, if you manage to avoid them, you will be able to snorkel well.

For Those Looking to Meet Few People

Access to Cala Viola de Ponent
Access to Cala Viola de Ponent

In addition to the recommendations I give below it is also worthwhile to take a look at
the article on beaches with less people (or more space) during the summer

  1. Salt Goat
    You either go by kayak or there is no one who will take the hike to get there.
  2. Cala Escorxada: the 1 hour walk in the sun does not attract many people.
  3. Cala Fustam: the same as for Cala Escorxada, and it is also smaller.
  4. Cala Viola: both the ponent and llevant coves are usually not very crowded, because they are very hidden and because to get there you have to go through Cavalleria, which is a candy for many people.
  5. Cala Mica: Here there are few people, the beach is not particularly beautiful and can be reached on foot from Cavalleria.
  6. Cala Parejals: If it is afloat (it goes for years), it is very difficult to see it and it fits 4 people.

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