Cala en Porter

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Vista aérea de Cala en Porter
Vista aérea de Cala en Porter

The beach of Cala en Porter is a little cala in the south coast of Menorca. It’s not a very beautiful beach, and due to its location in the urbanization of Cala en Porter, in summer the beach is usually very crowded as it has very easy access.

With no doubt, the best thing of Cala en Porter are its facilities and services availables. Next to the beach you have plenty of restaurants, and in the same beach you have showers and saveguards. Additionaly, the parking is at few meters from the beach, so it’s a good beach for those who can’t walk or those who don’t want to walk.

How To Get There

In order to arrive to the beach, the best thing you can do is to take the main road towards the Airport of Maó, and once you get to the deviation to the airport, follow the signs to Cala en Porter that will take you from “the Road of Maó to Cala en Porter”.

Once you are in the village of Cala en Porter you can follow the signs towards the beach. When you see the sea, you will see that the parking is next to the beach, and you will also find some restaurants and shops very close to the entry. The parking is free.

Once You Are There…

The main characteristic of this beach is its proximity to the Cova d’en Xoroi, the most popular disco of Menorca. Despite this, Cala en Portel is a an ordinary beach, and it hasn’t the beauty of other beaches of the south such as Turqueta or Macarella.

The best option to visit this beach is to take the occasion to visit in the afternoon the Cova d’en Xoroi: you can go in the morning to the beach and in the afternoon visit the Cova d’en Xoroi and have some drinks at the terrace.

Also, it’s almost mandatory to visit the viewpoint above the beach. You have to go upstairs that you will find at the left side of the beach (facing the sea). At the top there is a viewpoint area from where you can see the beach and the spectacular cliffs. There are some benches where you can seat and relax watching the landscape or eating an icecream. Amazing!

Mirador de Cala en Porter
Viewpoint of Cala en Porter

Map and Points of Interest

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