Cavalleria Beach

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Cala Cavalleria in September
Cala Cavalleria in September

Cavalleria beach is located in the north of Menorca. It is far from the urbanizations and is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island.

In summer it gets quite crowded, although you can always park relatively close. It is more than 500 meters long, and has a width that, despite being progressively reduced, is still sufficient to accommodate a large number of people.

In summer, and especially in the month of August, it is normal to see it quite full of tourists, as it is a very nice virgin beach with very good access and free parking.

Beach Info

Before Going Consult the Wind

Cavalleria is a beach very exposed to the north wind, known as Tramuntana. If you are going to visit Cavalleria it is best to do so on a day when the wind is blowing from the south (More info. about winds and where to find out how windy it is each day).

If you go on a Tramuntana day you will have:

  • More swell: the cove faces north and there will be more waves.
  • More dirt: when the north wind blows, dirt accumulates on the shore of the beach.
  • More wind and sand: when the north wind blows, the wind picks up sand and makes it uncomfortable to be on the beach.

How to get to Cavalleria

Access to Cavalleria - Wooden Stairs
Access to Cavalleria – Wooden Stairs

By Car, Motorcycle or Bike

To get to Cavalleria you only need to go to Es Mercadal by the main road of Menorca, and take the detour to the beaches when you reach the signpost.

  • From Maó it is 30km to the parking lot (35 minutes by car).
  • From Es Mercadal it is only 10km to the parking (15 minutes by car).
  • Free parking is available 500 meters away (see map).

By Bus

There is no bus or regular public transport service stopping near Cavalleria beach.

Beach Access

The access to the beach has to be done on foot in its final stretch (about 500 meters).

  • The path to the beach is full of rocks, but you can walk without difficulty with any footwear.
  • Just before reaching the sand you have to go down some wooden stairs, so if you are very loaded or with children you have to take it into account, especially if you go with a stroller.

Once There…

The sand of the beach is coarse so it does not cling to the skin as much as the fine white sand of other beaches.

In addition to roasting in the sun like a reptile, Cavalleria beach has plenty of plans to enjoy the outdoors:

Snorkeling in the Marine Reserve of Menorca

Pedaç in Cavalleria
Pedaç (Botus Podas) in Cavalleria

When there is not much swell you can make a short swim to the islet in the middle of the “bay”, known as Escull de Ferragut, but you have to be careful because the rocky areas are often plagued by sea urchins.

Surf when there are big waves

Cala Cavalleria in Winter (sometimes you can Surf)
Cala Cavalleria in Winter (sometimes you can Surf)

When the waves are strong, surfing is possible, although don’t expect spectacular waves in the summer months.

Walk Some Sections of the Camí de Cavalls Starting in Cavalleria

Cala Mica
Cala Mica

If you get bored of the beach and you like hiking, you have behind you the famous Camí de Cavalls that takes you to Cala Mica in just 10 minutes, a beach with very few people, although not as beautiful as Cavalleria.

I imagine there are several reasons why people don’t usually stop at Cala Mica. I believe these 3 are the main ones:

  1. Cavalleria is very beautiful and there is no need to look for something even better.
  2. Cala Mica has more uncomfortable sand than Cavalleria, and the color is not as spectacular as Cavalleria.
  3. Cala Mica is further away and the path has no shady spots: in summer the heat can be suffocating and it is lazy to walk having the sea at the same beach of Cavalleria.

Don’t leave without visiting the Cavalleria Lighthouse

Cavalleria Lighthouse
Cavalleria Lighthouse

If you have reached the beach of Cavalleria you can go to the lighthouse of Cavalleria in about 5 minutes by car.

  • The visit to the lighthouse is worth it, especially to see the sunset.
  • If you are not going to see the sunset it is also a good visit, as the scenery is spectacular: it has the highest cliffs of Menorca and a bar where you can have a refreshing drink.

Have a cool drink at the Chiringuito in Cavalleria

Chiringuito de Cavalleria
Chiringuito de Cavalleria

The Cavalleria beach bar is located in the parking lot of the beach. Although it does not overlook the sea, it is a good place to sit and rest for a while and refresh yourself, especially if you have reached Cavalleria on foot or by bike.

It has a terrace next to the trees, quite protected and with a very relaxed atmosphere. They serve drinks, some snacks and ice cream mainly.

  • It is not possible to pay by credit card. You can only pay in Cash

The Mud Baths in Cavalleria

Although many people go to Cavalleria to take a mud bath, you should know that the baths are harmful to the environment and have no proven benefit on the skin.

Photos of Cavalleria


Map and Points of Interest

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