The winds of Menorca

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Wind in Menorca - Ciutadella
Wind in Menorca – Ciutadella

The Winds of Menorca

Menorca is an island exposed to the winds. Both when Tramuntana blows (north wind) or when Migjorn blows (south wind), there are changes in the state of the sea and the beaches.

This is because in Menorca there are 2 quite different areas. For this reason, most people look at the wind direction before going to the beach to avoid surprises.

If you do so before going to the beach you can ensure a quiet afternoon without much swell…

How to see which way the wind is blowing?

If you are not an expert and do not knowwhich wind blows on any given day,the fastest and easiest way to find out is to use the free WindGuru service.

It is a website that collects meteorological data from 6 different points of Menorca, with a fairly high reliability.

Windguru also has an app for iPhone and application for Android.

If you want something less technical and more graphic, you can use the real-time wind map of Menorca.

This map is generated by nullschool, a website that generates graphical predictions every 3 hours by using supercomputers. Highly recommended!

Map of the Wind in Menorca in Real Time (nullschool)
Map of the Wind in Menorca in Real Time (nullschool)

What beaches to go to When Wind Blows …?

As a general rule,

  1. Whenever south-component wind blows it is better to go to the northern beaches
  2. Whenever north component wind blows it is better to go to the southern beaches.

Here you can see a list of Northern beaches and southern beaches.

What to do if the wind is blowing from East or from West?

If the wind does not blow clearly from the North or South, there is no big difference between going to Northern beaches or southern beaches

Is there any problem going to the northen part with North Wind?

  • Of course you could try, but the water will be more moving and less clear, and you’ll feel the wind when you’re in the sand.
  • When strong north wind blows (orange-red-lilac color)it is better NOT to go north, as you will not be able to relax on the beach.
  • The same logic for the South wind, which is much less frequent in summer.

How do I Interpret wind data?

Which beach I can go to according to the wind in Menorca
Which beach I can go to according to the wind in Menorca

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