Illa de l’Aire Lighthouse

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Far de l'illa de l'Aire - P1110600
Far de l’illa de l’Aire

The l’illa de l’Aire Lighthouse is the most difficult lighthouse to access in Menorca. Being located on an island in front of Punta Prima, it can only be reached by sea.

Although it does not seem so, this lighthouse is located 53 meters above sea level and its tower is 38 meters high. Its nominal range is 18 miles.

History of the lighthouse

The Far de l’illa de l’Aire was inaugurated in the summer of 1860 and during its construction the boat that carried the workers was wrecked and one of them drowned.

When it was built, it was the tallest of all the lighthouses of the Balearic Islands,until in 1977 the Moscarter lighthouse was built in Ibiza.

Its optics have been renewed over the years, and from 1976 the maintenance service with permanent residence in the lighthouse was withdrawn.

Imagine how hard it could be to live in this lighthouse, on a tiny island isolated from civilization and with 3 families (those of the 3 “torrers”), sharing such a small space!

How to get there – Boat Rental to Illa de l’Aire

Unless you are an authentic David Meca and want to participate in the swim crossing between Punta Prima and Illa de l’Aire (2013 edition), you can only reach this lighthouse by boat.

  • During the summer many boats anchor off the coast of the island.
  • You have the option to rent a boat and visit the island and its surroundings.
  • You can take a 3h speedboat tour for 54 euros (includes hotel pick-up, free cancellation up to 48h before)

Once There

The illa de l’Aire has an area of 34 hectares and a perimeter of only 3300 meters.

  • This means that you can go around the island with any boat in quite a short time.
  • On the island you can see an endemic black lizard, known as “sargantana negra”, which is able to change the coloration of its skin to camouflage.


Map and Points of Interest

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