The 9 Best Beach Bars – 2020

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In summer almost everyone likes to go to a beach bar to have a paella or tapas close to the sea. If it is also a wonderful beach of Menorca, the better since in addition to the food you can enjoy the views.

Menorca is an unspoilt island and it is a very protected area on an ecological level. It is so protected that it is a biosphere reserve, which is fantastic for nature lovers.

Eco-protection means that unspoiled beaches are truly unspoilt and have no services, no bars or restaurants. This does not mean that there are no beach bars in Menorca, but almost none are in the beaches that you can see in the advertising brochures. If you want to enjoy beautiful beaches and a good beach bar you have several options.

These are what I consider the best beach bars in Menorca.

Last updated: February 2020

1 – Hotel Xuroy – Cala Alcaufar

Restaurant Hotel Xuroy – Cala Alcaufar

Hotel Xuroy has a beachside restaurant serving tapas, Menorca fish and seafood and meats. The product they offer is very good and the customer service is also excellent.

You cannot make a reservation, so you should arrive before 2.15 pm, which is when it is usually crowded.

2 – Cova Sa Nacra – Santandria

Restaurant Sa Nacra in Santandria
Restaurant Sa Nacra in Santandria


Cova Sa Nacra is located facing the sea on the right side of the Bahia de Santandria. It is a very small place with virtually all the tables over the sea.

They serve Paellas and Calderetas, tapas and very good meat and fish dishes. I personally like The Squid a la Menorquina with almond sauce.

They have 2 direct sea access stairs that are sometimes used by kids to bathe when their parents are still eating desserts or coffees.

3 – Es Bruc – Santo Tomás

Chiringuito Es Bruc
Chiringuito Es Bruc

In my opinion, Es Bruc in Santo Tomás is the best beach bar in Menorca for several reasons. In addition to being on the first line of the coast, it is in the middle of the paradisíac south coast of the island.

With access on foot to beaches as spectacular as Binigaus or Cala Escorxada, this beach bar is a blessing at the end of a long excursion, or the perfect place to eat quietly with beautiful views. They serve typical Mediterranean food and you can order various salads in addition to fish, meats and assorted tapas.

  • Website: facebook
  • Opening hours:
  • Phone: 971 370 488
  • Payment by card: Yes

4 – Susy – Cala Macarella

Entrance of the Chiringuito Susy de Macarella
Entrance of the Chiringuito Susy de Macarella

The Susy beach bar is among the best simply because of its privileged environment. It is the only beach bar from which you can visit unspoilt beaches of the prestige of Macarella, Macarelleta or Turqueta.

The food is typical of any Mediterranean beach bar, they have varied starters and combined dishes with generous meats. They have a children’s menu and also a very complete snack menu. The shadow created by the surrounding trees will seem wonderful after a long day of sunshine on the beach.

  • Website: susy
  • Opening hours:10:00 to 23:00 (June to September)
  • Phone:971 359 467
  • Payment by card: Yes

5 – Oasis – Son Bou

Chiringuito Oasis - Son Bou
Chiringuito Oasis – Son Bou

The Oasis of Son Bou is a great beach bar on the beach of Son Bou itself. Oasis is a restaurant in a tourist beach and busy during summer, that offers breakfast and sandwiches in addition to pizza, tapas and some vegetarian dishes.

The natural environment is beautiful but somewhat crowded during the tourist season.

  • Website: facebook
  • Opening hours: 09:30 to 23:00
  • Phone: 609 68 74 28
  • Payment by card: NA

6 – Los Bucaneros (buccaneers) – Cala Binibeca

Chiringuito Bucaneros - Binibeca
Chiringuito Bucaneros – Binibeca

Los Bucaneros beach bar is a charming fishermen’s hut with a red door that makes it unmistakable in any photograph. It is the beach bar with the tables closest to the sea of all Menorca, it is even possible to fall into the water while you are eating.

The setting of Binibeca beach is very touristic and crowded during the summer. It is next to the beautiful village of Binibeca vell. Definitely this bar is a recommended stop if you decide to have a drink by the shore of this beach.

  • Website: –
  • Opening hours: daylight hours
  • Phone: –
  • Payment by card: NA

7 – Cap Roig – Sa Mesquida

Cap Roig - Sa Mesquida
Cap Roig – Sa Mesquida

Cap Roig restaurant turned thirty in 2013, congratulations!This restaurant in the urbanization of Sa Mesquida is just 5 km from the center of Maó, which makes it a perfect place to make getaways and having lunch or dinner overlooking the bay of Sa Mesquida.

The food is based on tapas and salads, but the main incentives are undoubtedly its fish and paellas. To be honest, It’s a little far from the beach, but its views won’t let you down if you’re looking for a beautiful Mediterranean landscape.

8 – Trogloditas – Cala Morell

Trogloditas Restaurant - Cala Morell
Trogloditas Restaurant – Cala Morell

It is a restaurant little known to people from outside Cala Morell. Its privileged views over the coast and its Mediterranean food make it a good restaurant on the seafront. Might be the environment is not as beautiful as that of the south coast of Menorca, but it will not disappoint you.

  • Website: facebook
  • Opening hours:12:00 to 23:00
  • Phone:619 68 47 35
  • Payment by card: Yes

9 – Sa Cova and Pirata – Cala en Blanes

Sa Cova - Calan Blanes
Sa Cova – Calan Blanes

The small and endearing beach bar of Sa Cova is a family business with a lot of history. In the 70s the father of the current owner bought this small hut where the fishermen kept their boats, and today the restaurant continues to serve the faithful public of Cala en Blanes.

As if that weren’t enough,in the same beach of Cala en Blanes there is another beach bar, the Pirate. This makes Cala en Blanes an interesting night life environment for young people and not so young.

  • Website: facebook
  • Opening hours: ¿?
  • Phone: 607 18 75 90
  • Payment by card: Yes

Bonus – Restaurant of Binimel·là – Binimel·là

Chiringuito de Binimel·là
Chiringuito de Binimel·là

I’m not going to fool you, I’ve never eaten in this restaurant (though I’ve had some tapas and drink). It is far from the beach but its main advantage is that there is absolutely nothing on all the beaches of this part of the north coast,therefore if you want to eat or drink something when you go to beaches like Binimel·là or Pregonda you will have to do it in this restaurant.

When you return from a long excursion to Cala Pregonda and pass in front of this restaurant, it is hard to resist the temptation to enter for a drink, especially if the sun is hitting hard!

  • Web:
  • Opening hours: daylight hours
  • Phone: –
  • Payment by card: NA

Other Beach Bars I Haven’t Tried Yet

There are some bars or restaurants with sea views that I haven’t had the opportunity to try but that look good.

  • Bamboo Bar – Binibeca
  • Ivette – Cala Morell
  • Isabella – Fornells

Map of the beach bars


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All photographs have been obtained from the websites of the respective beach bars, so they are NOT licensed by Creative Commons.

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