Cala Alcaufar Beach

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Cala Alcaufar Beach
Cala Alcaufar Beach

Cala Alcaufar is a very small beach in the area of Sant Lluís whose shape protects it from almost any type of swell.

The beach is 35 meters long and 45 meters wide and has plenty of space for towels. The most recognizable thing about this cove is the impressive terrace of the Hotel Xuroy,which is located practically on the sea.

This beach is usually frequented by families with children for several reasons:

  • Its ease of access,with a parking a few meters away from the sand.
  • The services it has:Bar and restaurant
  • How shallow the beach is in its first few meters
  • The little swell there:it almost always looks like a pool

Beach Info

  • Orientation:South-East
  • Type:Urban Beach
  • Services: Restaurants, Bar, Urbanization of Alcaufar
  • Summer occupancy: 3/5 (the higher the more people there are)
  • Surface* of the beach: 1.407 m2 (* Estimate. The surface changes every year)
  • Walking Access: 50 meters (2 minutes)
  • Nearest parking: 50 meters (2 minutes)
  • Previous Beach:Caló Roig
  • Next Beach: Rafalet
  • Is it in the Camí de Cavalls? :Yes

How to get to Alcaufar Beach

You can reach Cala Alcaufar by car, motorbike, bike, on foot and even by bus.

Getting there by car, motorbike or bike

To reach Cala Alcaufar by car you must first reach Sant Lluís. Once in Sant Lluís you have to take the Me-8 road and follow the signs indicating Cala Alcaufar.

Getting there by Bus

Cala Alcaufar is one of the 20 beaches in Menorca that can be reached by bus in summer season.

Bus line 91 allows you to reach Cala Alcaufar from:

  • Maò
  • Sant Lluís
  • S’Algar

Getting there walking the Camí de Cavalls trail

The beach of Alcaufar is in the middle of the Camí de Cavalls trail.

This means that you can walk through this beach if you walk along the famous trail. The two closest access points to the Camí de Cavalls are:

  • Cala Sant Esteve
  • Punta Prima


Although the beach has road access, it is not always easy to find a place to leave the car. In summer you will have to look for some free space in the streets around the beach.

If you are going to eat at Hotel Xuroy you can use the exclusive parking for customers and you only have to cross the hotel to reach the shore of the beach.

Once There…

The beach of Alcaufar is family friendly and has a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Being a beach in an urban area does not have the spectacular landscapes of the unspoilt beaches of Menorca.

The two most common plans in this area are hiking and gastronomy.

Eat on the beachfront at Hotel Xuroy’s Chiringuito

Xuroy Restaurant in Cala Alcaufar
Xuroy Restaurant in Cala Alcaufar

Hotel Xuroy has a beachside restaurant serving Menorca fish and seafood, tapas and meats. The product they offer is very good and the staff is also excellent.

To eat at this restaurant you can’t make reservations, so it is best to arrive before 2.15pm, which is when it is usually complete.

Walk the Camí de Cavalls to Caló Roig

Caló Roig
Caló Roig

Camí de Cavalls passes right by Alcaufar Beach. Even if you do not like to walk very much I recommend you do the 250 meters of road that separates Alcaufar from the tiny and secluded Caló Roig.

There you can see the Alcaufar defense tower and perhaps enjoy a solitary bath.


Map and Points of Interest

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