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Faro de Favaritx
Faro de Favaritx

One of the representative characteristics of Menorca are the magnificent lighthouses on the top of amazing cliffs. There are 7 well known lighthouses spread along the coast of the island.

It can be considered that there are 4 lighthouses in the north and only three lighthouses in the south. In Ciutadella you can visit 3 of the 7 lighthouses.

If you want to visit a lighthouse during your stay in Menorca, I personally would recommend the Cavalleria lighthouse and the Favàrtix lighthouse, because they are totally isolated and landscapes around them are really really different. The sunsets in Cavalleria are something you can not miss.

If someday you have bad weather or raining and clouds you can go to see the Favàritx lighthouse, the landscape and the waves will surprise you, but be careful!.

The List of Lighthouses of Menorca are:

  1. Punta Nati Lighthouse (Ciutadella): 42 meters above sea level with a range of 16 miles.
  2. Cavalleria lighthouse (Es Mercadal): 94 meters above sea level with a range of 22 miles.
  3. Favàritx lighthouse (Maó): 47 meters above sea level with a range of 16 miles.
  4. Punta San Carlos lighthouse (Es Castell): 22 meters above sea level with a range of  12 miles.
  5. Illa de l’Aire lighthouse (Sant Lluís): 53 meters above sea level with a range of 18 miles.
  6. Cap d’Artrutx lighthouse (Ciudadela): 45 meters above sea level with a range of 19 miles.
  7. Sa Farola lighthouse (Ciudadela): 21 meters above sea level with a range of 14 miles.


Map of Menorca Lighthouses

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