Favàritx Lighthouse

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Favaritx Lighthouse in Spring
Favaritx Lighthouse in Spring

Access Restriction – Important Update

  • 2019: From June 1, 2019, access is only possible by bus. It is not yet known when the new parking will start operating (news1, news2). You can also go on foot, by bike, by taxi and by sea. Bus tickets cost 3.5 €/person, there are 6 daily journeys. The first bus to Favàritx leaves at 09:45 and the last return to Maó is at 19:00.
  • 2019-2020: Finally during 2019 there will not be public parking in the area. The project is delayed until 2020.
  • From June 1st 2018 to October 31th 2018, it is forbidden to access the place by your own vehicle. It can only be accessed by bus,bike or taxi.

Favàritx Cape

Isolated from civilization and in the midst of s’Albufera des Grau we find the Cape of Favàritx. The Cape of Favàritx is located in the Tramontana area of the island (the northern area) and is geologically very ancient, specifically from the primary era, also known as Paleozoic.

In the same Cape of Favàritx we can find the Lighthouse of Favaritx. The Lighthouse of Favàritx is surrounded by low cliffs of black and grayish slate,forming a style that many define as lunar or even infernal. When you head towards the lighthouse you will have the feeling that you are in a different island,that it is not Menorca at all.

How to Get to Favàritx

  • Check your car and motorbike access restrictions before you go.

Getting to Favaritx Lighthouse is relatively easy from anywhere on the island.

  • If you are in Mahò you only have to take the road towards Fornells and deviate as soon as you see the sign indicative of the Lighthouse of Favàritx.
  • If on the contrary you come from Ciutadella,the best option is to take the road towards Maò and take the Camí den Kane on the Es Mercadal detour and then reach the road from Maò to Fornells.
  • From Ciutadella you can also take the Camí den Kane in Alaior,or even later on the Rafal Rubí detour. If you are in a hurry or do not want to “waste” your time driving on secondary roads, it is best to take the detour to Rafal Rubí (see map) as it is the fastest way.

Once There

When you arrive at the lighthouse the first thing that should surprise you is the small natural lake that is next to the road that leads to the lighthouse. This small lake is called Cos des Síndic.

It is a temporary lake (temporary lake)that forms when there are storms and has great ecological importance,since it is a place of rest and feeding of some birds.

  • To preserve this lake,it has been necessary to fence the perimeter to prevent vehicles from moving along the surface of it when the raft is dry.
Temporary lake Cos des Síndic - View from Favaritx Lighthouse
Temporary lake Cos des Síndic – View from Favaritx Lighthouse

You may also be surprised by the black slate stone that dominates most of the landscape surrounding the lighthouse. Without a doubt it is one of the most amazing places in Menorca.

If you are going to visit the island do not hesitate to approach the lighthouse, especially if you are a lover of nature or photography, since the place will not disappoint you.

If you walk around the lighthouse, you will see that behind it and about 30 meters walking distance, there is a small cylindrical tower about 1 meter high. That tower is a good place to sit or take pictures of the area.

If you go to the lighthouse on a warm and sunny day,you can always complement your excursion with a short visit to the nearest beaches: Cala Presili and Cala Tortuga beaches, which are located just south of the Cape of Favàritx and which you can reach by the Camí Vell de Favàritx.

The Legend

Just as there is a legendin the Lighthouse of Cavalleria, the Lighthouse of Favàritx could not be less. The legend of the lighthouse says that on full moon nights, if you walk over the puddles that form around them, you receive energy, strength and fertility from the moon and sea.


Map and Points of Interest


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