Menorca in Couple in 5 Days

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Menorca in Couple - Fornells
Menorca in Couple – Fornells

If you are going to be in Menorca with your partner for 5 days,this is the guide of the best activities, beaches and restaurants that you can enjoy during your getaway as a couple. Shall we start? (Don’t forget to check out these tips to prepare your trip)

The guide has been made for days,but plans can be exchanged and combined as you prefer.

It does not matter if you’re staying closer to Ciutadella or Maô, as long as you have a rental car or a motorbike to get around. By the way if you still don’t have accommodation I recommend these rural hotels

If you do not want to move during your holidays you should better look for another guide of Menorca in 5 days,because this is not suitable for sloths! We start!

Checklist: Before You Begin

  1. Book your Accommodation Soon: in Menorca the hotels and good apartments sell out very quickly. I recommend a Rural Hotel if you can afford it,they are spectacular.
  2. Rent a Car or Motorbike: they are very good options to move around the island with more flexibility. With a car or a motorbike, you can reach any part of Menorca in an hour or less.
  3. Know the importance of the winds of Menorca: If you know where the wind blows, you can choose the beaches with less waves and jellyfish.
  4. Check out these tips if you are preparing your trip to Menorca.

Day 1 – Kayaking Tour from Es Grau to Illa d’en Colom, Walk through the Albufera and Dinner in Cap Roig (North – Maò) [150€/couple]

Kayaking in Illa den Colom Island - Arenal d'en Moro
Kayaking in Illa den Colom Island – Arenal d’en Moro

The Kayak tour from Es Grau is one of my favorites. Although in summer there is a lot of maritime traffic in the area, the departure from Es Grau allows you to visit some northern calas and visit the illa d’en Colom.

After spending the day by Kayak, if you have any strength left, you can stroll through the Albufera de Es Grau, a 5100 Hectares natural park with great diversity of flora and fauna.

And to finish off the day, a nice dinner at the Cap Roig restaurant overlooking the bay of Sa Mesquida.

  • Double Kayak Price:70€/couple
  • Dinner price in Cap Roig: 80€/couple approx.

Day 2 – Cala Galdana, Macarella/Macarelleta and Dinner in Smoix (South – Cituadella) [80€/couple]

Cala Macarella and Macarelleta from the Air
Cala Macarella and Macarelleta from the Air

Although Cala Macarella and Cala Macarelleta are usually crowded in summer, hardly anyone wants to miss the visit to these two southern pearls. Since 2018 access by car and moto has been limited. Therefore these beaches can only be reached on foot, by bike or boat.

  1. You park in Cala Galdana
  2. You walk 20 minutes from Galdana to Macarella
  3. You walk back to Galdana
  4. Don’t forget to visit the Cala Galdana Viewpoint

For dinner you can go to Smoix in Ciutadella and try the ravioli of Cigala. Do not forget to make a reservation!

  • Dinner price for 2 in Smoix: 80€/couple approx.

Day 3 – Boat Trip (North or South) [50 – 220€/couple]

Cala Macarella from the Air
Cala Macarella from the Air

I always recommend spending a day at sea to experience different sensations in Menorca. You can visit caves,go snorkeling in less crowded areas or just enjoy the sea breeze or sunset while sailing.

Depending on your budget you can take the Taximar, a shared boat route or choose the most exclusive options.

Day 4 – Camí de Cavalls Tour – and Sunset (North or South) [Free!]

Road to Savinar de Mongofra - P1130317
Road to Savinar de Mongofra – P1130317

Luckily there is a path that surrounds Menorca along the coast: the Camí de Cavalls. You can choose to do any of the sections, there are more than 185 Km to travel.

If you do not know which sections to choose, I recommend these two:

After the tour, if you feel like it, you can try to see the sunset in one of the most beautiful places in Menorca.

Day 5 – Cala Pregonda or Cala Pilar and La Mola o Líthica (North – Maò/Ciutadella) [10 – 22€/couple]

Cala Pregonda (30min) and Cala Pilar (40min) are 2 spectacular beaches in the North of Menorca that can only be reached on foot or by boat.

If you are not lazy to walk I strongly recommend you go to one of these two beaches (provided it blows south wind).

In the afternoon you can try a cutural visit, whether you are close to Maò or Ciutadella:

Cala Pregonda from the cliffs
Cala Pregonda from the cliffs

Bonus: 5 More Plans in couple

If you don’t like the plans you’ve seen, or prefer considering other options, here there are 5 more plans to enjoy with your partner.

  1. Jeep Safari to the unknown Menorca (60€): All year round you can make visits to areas of the island that you would not reach so easily on your own!
  2. Tasting of Cheeses and Menorquin wines in the Hort de Sant Patrici (8€): It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold, wind or rain. Relax with a delicious tasting of menorca cheeses and wines. You can also visit the winery!
  3. Route on foot or by bike around Sa Farola (free!): A very easy route along the coast, with very good views of the sea and very quiet at any time of the day.
  4. Visit one of the 30 viewpoints of Menorca (free!): If you like nature do not miss the viewpoints of the list!
  5. SOMNI Equestrian Show (38€): This show is held at the Son Martorellet venue with Menorcan horses. It’s 90 minutes show with music and riders acrobatics.

If you want even more ideas for your 5 days in Menorca:

And if you want a personalized plan for you and your partner,contact me.


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