Sa Mesquida Beach

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Arenal Gran de Sa Mesquida
Arenal Gran de Sa Mesquida

Sa Mesquida is an espectacular beach in the north zone of Menorca, located very near of Maó. The sand of Sa Mesquida is pretty white and fine, very similar to the beaches of the south. During summer, and specially in August, it’s a very frequented beach although not as much as the south beaches. The beach is 300 meters long and there is wide space for bathers so there’s usually a lot of space in the sand. That’s also because the parking has limited places.

How to Get There

Getting to Sa Mesquida by car is very easy from Maó. You have to drive for 8 km through the Me-3 road until you arrive to Sa Mesquida. It’s a 10 minutes trip more or less. If you come from Ciutadella… think about it twice, because you have to cross the whole island until Maó, and from there you have to take the Me-3 road until Sa Mesquida. The beach is beautiful, but you have 1 hour driving, and with this time you can get to any other beach of Menorca!

Once You Are There

Sa Mesquida is a good beach fore those who enjoy swimming in the sea. As it’s very protected and the boats can’t anchor close to the coast, the space available fot bathers is very wide. If you like snorkel you are lucky too. This beach has rocky bottoms with good depth. There’s a zone where is very common the presence of divers (with depths of up to 40 meters).

If you want to combine the beach plan with a good gastronomic experience, you have the Cap Roig Restaurant at 5 minutes from the beach. The Cap Roig is an historical restaurant with more than 30 years of history where you can order fish and seafood with beautiful views to the Sa Mesquida bay. ¡For special occasions!


Cap Roig - Sa Mesquida
Cap Roig – Sa Mesquida

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