The 5 Best Tours in Sailing Boats

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Escull de Pregonda - sólo llegas nadando o en barco
Escull de Pregonda – only accessible by walking or by boat

If you spend some days of summer in Menorca and you can afford it, my recommendation is don’t miss a tour in sailing boat. Menorca is full of virgin beaches to which you can arrive by walking, but those who travel around Menorca by boat know that there are places where you can’t arrive by walking.

You can do a trip in sailing boat from 22€ per person if you choose Taximr, and if you want to spend a whole day in a boat you will have to spend a bit more than 100€.

Here you can find 5 tours in boat ordered by price, each one of them with its advantages and disadvantages:

1. Trip in Sailing Boat and Sunset (no children) – 110€ per person

Excursión en Velero y Puesta de Sol a Bordo
Trip in sailing boat and Sunset on board

Only the fortunate ones who have boat know the tranquility that you can experience when watching the sunset from the sea. Perfect for couples or small groups, in the sailing boat the maximum capacity is 10 persons, without children.

  • Sail for a whole day during 8 hours and visit spectacular beaches
  • Open bar of drinks on board, aperitif and dinner
  • Sunset on board, you won’t forget
  • With Captain and all material included
  • Afternoon departure (15:30), ¡you don’t have to wake up early!

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2. Day Trip in Sailing Boat Through the North of Menorca – 104.5€ per person

Excursión en Velero por el Norte
Trip in Sailing Boat through the North

If you want to go through the virgin beaches of the north of the island and get to places inaccessible by walking, this is your trip. Perfect for couples and small groups, the sailing boat has a maximum capacity of 10 persons, with children.

  • Sail during a whole day through virgin beaches
  • Aperitif, drinks and food on board
  • Do snorkel in the Marine Reserve
  • With Master, who decides according to the wind where you can sail
  • Early departure (09:45), ¡wake up early and make the most of the day!
  • You can go with children under 12 who pay less (57€ per kid).

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3. Trip in Catamaran of Half a Day – 61.75€

Excursión en catamarán por Menorca
Excursión en catamarán por Menorca

Enjoy 4 hours on board of a Catamaran through the Marine Reserve of Menorca. I encourage you to make snorkeling as you have all equipment included in the trip. Perfect for small groups, the boat has a maximum capacity of 10 persons.

  • Choose departure: morning (10:00) or afternoon (15:30)
  • Open bar of cold drinks and snacks of typical products
  • Make snorkeling in the Marine Reserve, it’s spectacular
  • You can go with children, from 2 years old and with discount (33.25€ per kid)

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4. Boat Trip to the Beaches of the South from Ciutadella – 39.60€

Excursión en Barco por el Sur de Menorca
Boat Trip to the South of Menorca

The cheapest option to enjoy a sailing day. This option is good for families and groups, but not as good if you’re looking a day of relax in the sea.

  • Starts at 10 in the morning and goes through the south coast
  • Sail for 7 hours, with stops to some beaches
  • Enjoy of Food and Drinks on board 
  • You can go with children, they pay just 19.80€

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5. Taximar to the Virgin Beaches of the Sout of Menorca – 22€ per person

Taximar en Cala Escorxada
Taximar in Cala Escorxada

The cheapest option, perfect for couples, groups, families and any person. The best thing of this trip is that they show you all the virgin calas of the south and they let you choose in which one do you want to stay. After some hours, they will come to pick you up.

  • Travels the best beaches of the south coast
  • Visit caves only accessibles by boat
  • Choose which cala do you want to stay, they drop you on the shore
  • You can bring food, drink and cool boxes
  • You can go with children and they only pay 16€

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