Sant Joan Festivities 2020 (Cancelled)

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Sant Joan 2018 - Ciutadella de Menorca
Sant Joan 2018 – Ciutadella de Menorca

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE: 2020 Festivities have been cancelled due to the SARS-CoV2 Pandemic.

The Festivities of Sant Joan in Ciutadella de Menorca are held from 20 to 25 June 2020. This year the Day of the Lamb will be Sunday, June 21.

(This article is being updated constantly)

  • Last updated: April 17, 2020

June 20 – Lamb’s Night Watch (Vetlla des Be)

  • 20:30 Vetlla des Be, Street Formentera 48

June 21 – Lamb’s day

June 22 – Festers (fire spots around the city)

  • 21:00 Bonfires of Sant Joan in different parts of Ciutadella

June 23 – Vigil of Saint Joan

  • 09:00 Fabiol’s First Toc, Street Sant Antoni 5
  • 14:00 Start of the Replec of Caixers and Cavallers
  • 18:00 Caragol des Born
  • 19:00 Launch of Hazelnuts on Constitució Avenue
  • 20:00 Hazelnut launching on Constitució Avenue, between the Bar de Calós and Placa de Ses Palmeres
  • 20:00 Musical performance (In front of Bar Calós)
  • 21:00 Caragol de Santa Clara

June 24 – Sant Joan

  • 08:00 Replec de Caixers, Sant Antoni 5 Street
  • 18:00 Es Pla Games, Port of Ciutadella – Es Pla

June 25 – Sant Joanet

  • 23:00 Fireworks over the sea, They launch from the urbanization of Son Oleo

Transport during Sant Joan 2020

During the month of June and during the festivities of Sant Joan there are special bus services so that the thousands of people who move can go and return from the festivities to their hotels and apartments without problems.

These are the lines that can serve you during the holidays (the schedule of the Jaleo Bus is pending to be confirmed):

Addresses and Important Persons

The Caixers Board represents the medieval states and their appointment occurs every two years. For the years 2020 and 2021 the Caixers Board consists of:

  • Caixer Senyor: Chosen among the members of the ancient nobility of Ciutadella, he is the one who presides over the festivities and responsible for the proper functioning of all acts.
    • Borja Saura Garcia
  • Caixer Capella :He is in charge of the religious apsecths of the festival. He presides over the prayers held in the hermitage of Sant Joan on Saturday and celebrates the “Missa dels Caixers” on the day of Sant Joan.
    • Antoni Fullana (rector of the Parish of Sant Antoni Maria Claret)
  • Caixer Menestral or Caixer Casat: Represents the menestral estate. To be elected must practice a craft, he must be married and must be the son of a menestral.
    • Joan Moll Capella (Shoemaker)
  • Caixers Pagesos: They are two people who must be from different areas, Tramuntana and Migjorn. They are responsible for the good order of the qualcada (the horse rides). One of us gives away the lamb that will be carried during the Lamb’s day.
    • Jesús Bosch (owner of Sa Muntanyeta) will be Caixer Pages de Tramuntana
    • Siscu Capa (ownerof Son Saura Nou) will be Caixer pages de Migjorn
  • Caixer Fadrí: This position alternates each biennium. One is menestral and the other a farmer. He is the person who bears the flag during the official events of the party.
    • José Benejam Biescas
  • Fabioler: Does not belong to the Caixers Board. He is a public official who makes himself available to the Caixer Senyor. He is responsible for giving the orders with his drum and his fabiol during several acts of the party.
    • Sebastia Salort and Juanlu Gelabert.

Dangerous Zones and Moments

Sant Joan - Jocs des Pla - Sensortilla
Sant Joan – Jocs des Pla – Sensortilla

The City Council of Ciutadella defines the following risk zones during the festivities. These are areas with a lot of concentration of people with a very festive attitude (and usually with a lot of alcohol involved):

  1. First touch of fabiol of the Lamb’s Sunday (Diumenge des Be).
  2. First toc of fabiol of the 23rd day of june.
  3. Caragol des Born.
  4. Corregudes de sa placa the days 23 and 24 June
  5. Caragols de Sant Clara days 23 and 24 of June
  6. Jocs des Pla June 24 in the Morning
  7. Invitation from the consistory to the Es Pla Games (Jocs des Pla)
  8. Jocs des Pla the 24 of June at night
  9. Hazelnut launching the 23 of June

Map of the Relevant Places of Sant Joan 2020-2021

(Pending Update)

Accommodation Deals – June 20-25, 2020

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