Sant Joan Celebrations of 2015

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Jocs des Pla 2014
Jocs des Pla 2014

The celebrations of Sant Joan (Saint John) in Ciutadella will be hold from the 20th to the 25th of June 2015. This year, the festivity will be marked by the tragic accident in the games of Es Pla 2014 where one person died as a result of the injuries provoked by the thrust of a galloping horse. In February of 2015, the additional safety measures that have to be established and the changes that have to be implemented in the festivities in order to avoid similar accidents are not very clear yet.

Program and Schedules of Sant Joan 2015

These are the celebration days. The schedule of each day is not fixed yet.

  • June 20th: Vetlla des Be (Keep awake the sheep)
  • June 21st: Dia des Be (The day of the sheep)
  • June 23rd: Víspera de Sant Joan (Saint John’s eve)
  • June 24th: Sant Joan (Saint John)
  • June 25th: End of celebration and fireworks

Transport during Sant John 2015

The publication of the schedule by the official institutions is still pending.

Adressess and Important Persons

  • Caixer Senyor (Sir): Elected by the members of the old nobility of Ciutadella, is the one who presides over the celebration and the responsible of the good performance of the acts. Borja Morgades de Olivar (29 Santa Clara Street)
  • Caixer Capellà (priest): He is in charge of the religious aspects of the celebration. He presides over the prayers of Saturday in the Saint John Chapel and celebrates the “mass of the horsemen) on Saint John’s day. Bosco Fanger Bagur (Menorca Square)
  • Caixer Menestral o Caixer Casat (craftsman or artisan): Represents the craftsman of the social hierarchy of the feudal system. In order to be chosen, he must have an artisan profession, he must be married and he must be the son of an artisan. Pedro Vilallonga Mesquida (113, 1r-C, Sant Antoni M. Claret Avenue)
  • Caixers Pagesos (farmers): Son dos personas que deben ser de zonas diferentes, Tramuntana y Migjorn. Son responsables del buen orden de la qualcada (cabalgata). Uno de los dos regala el cordero que será llevado durante el Día des Be. Carlos Taltavull Bosch, amo de ses Arenetes, caixer pagès de Tramuntana (C/ de Sant Agustí de la Florida, 14) y  Miquel Bosch Cursach, l’amo de Torretrencadeta, Caixer pagès de Migjorn (C/ Orient, 51)
  • Caixer Fadrí: This charge is alternated every biennium. One biennium is an artisan, and the next one is a farmer. This is the person who carries the flag during the official events of the celebrations. Samuel Bosch Tejada, farmer. (18 Sa Cova de ses Àmfores street)
  • Fabioler: He doesn’t belong to the horsemen council. He is a public official that remains at the disposal of the Caixer Senyor. He is responsible of giving orders by playing the drum and the fabiol during different events of the celebration. Sebastià Salort and Juanlu Gelabert.

Zones and Dangerous Moments

The municipal Council of Ciutadella defines the following areas as risk zones during the festivities. These are very crowded zones where people maintain a very festive behaviour (and usually with high blood alcohol levels):

  1. Primer toc de fabiol del Diumenge des Be. (The fabioler plays the first drum the Sunday of the sheep)
  2. Primer toc de fabiol del dia 23 de juny. (The fabioler plays the fabiol the June 23rd)
  3. Caragol des Born. (Horsemen go around the Es Born Square)
  4. Corregudes de sa plaça dels dies 23 i 24 de juny. (The horsemen races of the square the days 23rd and 24th of June)
  5. Caragols de Sant Clara dels dies 23 i 24 de juny. (The horsemen go through the Santa Clara street the days 23rd and 24th of June)
  6. Jocs des Pla del matí de 24 de juny. (The Es Pla Games in the morning on June 24th)
  7. Convidada del consistori als Jocs des Pla. (The invitation of the horseman to the Es Pla Games)
  8. Jocs des Pla del capvespre del 24 de juny. (The Es Pla Games the evening of June 24th)
  9. Llançament d’avellanes del 23 de juny. (The throwing of hazelnuts the June 23rd)


Be careful, there are penalties of up to 1.500€ in order to control the ones who only respond when their pocket is affctted.

Hotel Offers

During the Sant Joan Celebrations, the hotels and apartments of Ciutadella and the villages near are quickly filled. If you don’t want to run out of accomodation at last minute, the best thing you can do is to book the accomodation in advance.

Transport Offers

If you are interested in special offers of rental cars, contact with us and we will inform you. If you want to search online and book the cheapest option, follow these advices before booking.

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