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Radio Taxi Menorca Website
Radio Taxi Menorca Website

The taxi in Menorca is insufficient in summer, and the fact that the taximeters were not mandatory until 2010 was an issue. The traveler felt helpless, and would have to rely on the honesty of the taxi driver.

Despite the general feeling that the taxi is expensive in Menorca,some reports of the BOIB say that the cost per kilometer of taxi is 0.50 euros, one of the cheapest in Spain.

From 2010, all taxis in Menorca carry a taximeter,thus reducing many problems and misunderstandings. It was a great improvement, and both users and taxi drivers are benefiting from this measure. So if you travel to Menorca, you will be able to use a taxi and you will not suffer for the price as it will have a taximeter. If you want to check the rates of the taximeters,you can consult BOIB number 173 of November 26, 2009.

Getting a Taxi

If you want to secure a taxi at some point of the day, the best thing you can do is reserving one well in advance. Especially for trips to the airport it is advisable to book a taxi the day before for a certain time.

One of the curiosities of the service of some taxis in Menorca is that they offer a reservation service and control over the Internet. I have never tried it as I prefer the phone at specific times, but it seems interesting.

Calculate the Price of a Taxi Trip

Price of a Taxi (Ciutadella > Airport) summer 2019
Price of a Taxi (Ciutadella – Airport) summer 2019

If you want to know how much a taxi can cost in Menorca, you can use this website to see how much it would cost you:

  • With these fares, a taxi ride from Maó Airport to Ciutadella (summer 2019) would cost about 60 euros on a working day(always carry an extra 5 euros just in case).
  • If you take a taxi and you find that these numbers are incorrect, you can add your comment on this page.

Alternative to Taxi: Private Transfers

If you do not want to depend on the taxi and want a totally private and personalized service you can opt for private car transfers.

  • Transfers are very common on journeys to or from Maò Airport.

Have a Good trip!

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