Cavalleria Lighthouse

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Cavalleria Lighthouse
Cavalleria Lighthouse

The lighthouse of Cavalleria is one of the most peculiar lighthouses in Menorca. This lighthouse is located at the northernmost point of the island,Cape Cavalleria, and can be reached by car via a narrow road. It is possible to park the car a few meters from the lighthouse.

Most people who visit the lighthouse do so during the day, but it is also possible to visit it at night, or to watch the sunset.
the sunset

Be careful with the cliffs, over 40 meters high, especially if you visit them at night. If you decide to walk through the different areas that surround this lighthouse, you can enjoy spectacular views.

View of the Illa d'es Porros island from the lighthouse of Cavalleria
View of the Illa d’es Porros island from the lighthouse of Cavalleria

Next to the lighthouse of Cavalleria, there is a small cave. It is possible to enter this cave (no more than 15 or 20 meters) and enjoy a very good view of l’Illa des Porros. It is a spectacular place from which you can watch the sunset. Without a doubt one of the most romantic sunsets that can be seen from the island.

The Tradition That Harms the Environment

If you visit the Cavalleria lighthouse, you may be surprised by the amount of piles of tones found in the surrounding area. Tourists visiting the lighthouse often create small piles of stone.

The “tradition” says that if you create a small pile of stones looking at the sea and ask the lighthouse for the desire to return to Menorca, this will be fulfilled. This is obviously NOT true,the piles of stones harm the environment and it is better to refrain from building one.

Piles of stones around the Cavalleria lighthouse
Piles of stones around the Cavalleria lighthouse

Sunset in Cavalleria LightHouse

Sunset in Cavallería - 4
Sunset in Cavallería – 4

The sunset at the Cavalleria Lighthouse is spectacular in the summer months. The amount of colors and shades that paint the sky form a very beautiful landscape. It’s worth a visit to this lighthouse!

If you go to the lighthouse to see the sunset you can walk along the cliffs until you find a nice corner with good views. As most often, the further you move away from the initial car park the fewer people you will find.

The Cavalleria Lighthouse Restaurant

In the Cavalleria Lighthouse you can find a bar with a few tables where you can have a drink while enjoying the sunset.

I have not had the pleasure of going there, as whenever I go to see the sunset I get as close as I can to the cliffs. But if you’re looking for a relaxing place to have a refreshing drink while enjoying the sunset, this is your place!

Photos of the Cavalleria Lighthouse

Map and Points of Interest

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