Traveling to Menorca

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Cruise in front of Cala en Blanes
Cruise in front of Cala en Blanes

To travel to Menorca you can choose between 2 options: by boat (usually with Balearia) or by plane. Depending on your place of stay on the island it may be more advisable one or the other option.

I personally like to travel by plane, as the boat trip never takes less than 4 hours,and if you get uncomfortable in enclosed spaces, better not to mention the “fast” ferries. The only problem of arriving by plane is that if you then have to go to Ciutadella and you do not have transport you will have to pay about 50 euros for a taxi from Maó to Ciutadella.

If you travel by car, you have no choice but to take a boat. If you think you’re going to get dizzy, you can always buy some anti-dizziness medication:I’ve tried them and they leave you totally KO during the trip, so the journey goes off pretty quickly.


Accommodation in Menorca offers plenty of variety. The vast majority of the offer are hotels and apartments in large urbanizations. There are also some places in Campings,but the offer is very low compared to the hotel places. The biggest quality and most differentiated offer are Rural Hotels and Rural Houses.

The best option is an apartment between 4 or more people to keep costs down. You can search for hotels in Menorca on Booking.


Transport is quite simple in Menorca. Being a very small island (45km from end to end), it is very easy to get around by car, motorbike or bike. Public transport in summer is quite correct, but if your goal is to visit unspoiled beaches at will,it is best to rent a car or a motorbike,or if you are fit, a bike!

When to travel

The vast majority of people in Spain have their holidays during the month of July or August. In case you are one of the privileged ones who can distance yourself from this trend and choose when you can travel to Menorca,it is best to travel in June or September if you are looking for good weather and “few” people:

Menorca in June

According to historical climate data, in the month of June there are only 2 rainy days and an average temperature of 21 degrees.

If we add to that that during the month “only” 160,000 tourists travel to Menorca, it is one of the best options in terms of number of people and weather.

Menorca in July

While it is a month with high temperatures and almost no rainfall, the number of people arriving on the island is very large: more than 250,000 tourists.

Menorca in August

The quintessential holiday month. If you are lucky enough to go to Menorca in August, you can share your stay on the island with no less than about 270,000 tourists who usually choose this month. The temperatures are practically identical to those of the month of July.

Menorca in September

In September there are on average 5 days of rain and an average temperature of 22.4 degrees. During this month a few more than 150,000 tourists travel to Menorca.

This makes September the best month to go to Menorca under my point of view, because while it is true that there is more chance of rain, both the temperature and the least amount of people compensate the risk.

Tips for Preparing your Trip

If you have decided for Menorca as your destination, I recommend you look at these 9 short tips to prepare your trip.

Sources: Tourism Observatory of the Balearic Islands – Tourist Demand in Menorca

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