Travel to Menorca

How to travel to Menorca, you can fly or get here by Boat

Getting to Menorca by Plane

The plane is the fastest way to get to Menorca, especially if you come from places far from the Mediterranean coast. The big drawback of getting by plane to the island is transportation. It should be borne in mind that getting around Menorca on foot is practically impossible, and public transport is also not the best option. So if you come by plane it is advisable to rent a car.

Logically, there are different companies that are dedicated to car rental in Menorca, but not enough to meet the needs in high season. The summer of 2009 has been chaotic in this regard, and it was impossible to get a rental car if a reservation had not been made in advance.

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Getting to Menorca with Iscomar

Iscomar is one of the lesser known options to reach Menorca. This company is one of the cheapest, especially when there are offers. Iscomar’s boats are popularly known as “floating cans”, since the feeling you get when you go on one of its boats is that of being canned in the middle of the sea. The best thing to do in case of traveling with Iscomar is to take some medication such as Biodramine, to avoid seasickness.

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Arriving to Menorca with Balearia

One of the ways to get to Menorca by boat is through the Balearia company. Balearia is mainly characterized by its fast route between Barcelona and Ciudadela, which despite official information, is usually covered in about 5 or even 6 hours. There are a few factors to consider before using Balearia as a means to reach the island, especially if you use the Fast Ferry.

First of all, it is a ship that sails very poorly. When the sea is rough, the best thing to do is to take some medication such as Biodramine (with caffeine if you don’t want to sleep).

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Traveling to Menorca

To travel to Menorca you can choose between two options: by boat or by plane. Depending on your place of stay on the island it may be more advisable one or the other option. The vast majority of people in Spain have their holidays during the month of July or August. In case you are one of the privileged ones who can distance yourself from this trend and choose when you can travel to Menorca, it is best to travel in June or September if you are looking for good weather and “few” people.

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