Menorca in 7 days

Cala Escorxada -
Cala Escorxada –

If you are panning to stay 7 days in Menorca, this is the guide of the best activities, beaches and restaurants that I recommend you. The guide is organised by days, according the proximity between the different activities and places, but of course, you can switch the activities between the different days with no problem, this are your holidays!

The guide is designed for people that are staying in Ciutadella (hoteles en Ciutadella) and have their own vehicle or they rent one, mainly because it is quite necessary to arrive to some beaches that I suggest. Despite this, if you are staying in Maó (hoteles en Maó) or in any other village, do not worry, Menorca has 45km from side to side approximately, so if you have car, you can arrive anywhere in 1 hour or less.

If you don’t like to move during your holidays, you better look for another guide because this one is to visit in depth the island, not suitable for the lazy ones!

The Beaches

Paisaje paradisíaco en Cala Escorxada
Paisaje paradisíaco en Cala Escorxada

In 7  days you can see up to 6 beaches easily, it consists in combining different kind of beaches. I have selected the best virgin beaches of the north and two of the best virgin beaches of the south. You also have the popular platforms in Cala en Brut and the possibility of passing in front of small hidden bays by kayak.

  1. Cavalleria:In the north, perfect to rest without having to walk long paths. With free car park.
  2. Pregonda: Album cover of 2 singles of Mike Oldfield, ¿isn’t that a good presentation? You have to walk for a while but it is worth it.
  3. Escorxada o Binigaus: Binigaus is a jewell of the south and Escorxada even more, for those who believe it’s woth to walk for 1 hour.
  4. Cala en Turqueta: The excellence of the south, with free car park and a path of 15 minutes walking to the beach.
  5. Cala en Brut: Platforms where you can jump from. Ideal for the young ones.
  6. Cabra Salada: Tiny and hidden in Fornells’ bay, a quick stop with kayak is worth it.

You can arrive to the best virgin beaches of the south by Taximar and avoid walking for over 1 hour. With previous booking in summer as they have very limited seats. You can book it now and choose the day of the Taximar further on. Reservar Taximar Ahora

Sports & Activities

Snorkel con Seascooter
Snorkel con Seascooter

If you don’t want to be the typical tourist who makes the typical static tourism, you can combine it with all types of activities. There is kayak, paragliding, jet skis, paddle surf… The best thing you can do is to choose a pack and enjoy it in with your partner for 1 or 2 days.

  1. The 10 Best Outdoor Activities:o Wheter you go by yourself or you go with family or friends, you must try some of these. snorkel with SeaScooter is cheap and suitabe for all.
  2. The 5 best activities to do as a couple: If you go with your partner and you want to enjoy of a diferent day… or if you want to make a gift. Try with Flyboard if you like the adventure.

Cultural Activities

Catedral de Ciutadella
Ciutadella’s Cathedral

Because it’s not all aboutsun and beach in Menorca, you can combine the hours under the sun with some interesting cultural visits.

  1. Visit Ciutadella: The most beautiful city of Menorca with no doubt. If you like histoy and culture you can book a guided tour and they will show you historical sites.
  2. Santa Àgueda’s Castle: One of the most high places of the island. A wonderful view to disconnect of so much sun and beach and enjoy Menorca in perspective.
  3. Naveta des Tudons:Possibly the most visited monument of Menorca. Is the oldest building of Europe!
  4. Cova des Coloms: They call it “La catedral” (The cathedral), and I’m not surprised with 300 meters long and 25 meters high. no me extraña con 300 metros de largo y 25 metros de altura. An spectacular cave in the middle of nowhere!

Book Tour around Historical Ciutadella


Puesta de sol en Cavallería - 2
Puesta de sol en Cavallería – 2

¿Where can you see the best sunsets in Menorca? In the lighthouses! They are founded in the most spectacular places with huge cliffs. A trip to Menorca without visiting at least one lighthouse is not a complete trip!

  1. Punta Nati:The official lighthouse of the sunsets in Ciutadella. Really, you have to visit it.
  2. Cavalleria: If you go to the north of the island you have to visit it. The most savage of Menorca after Favàritx.


Ensaimada de Menorca de chocolate - P1120933
Ensaimada de Menorca de chocolate – P1120933

If you want to pamper yourself during holidays, spending money on clothes and complements or on gastronomy, you are lucky because Menorca offers you high variety and quality items. There is a place in Ciutadella where you can find all that and more: Ses voltes and Mercat del Peix (Fish market)

  1. Typical sandals of Menorca (abarcas): The brand of the island. At the beggining they can seem to be unconfortable but afterwards they fit perfectly.
  2. Cheeses: ¿Did you know there is a cheese with Denomination of Origin? Taste it, you will like it.
  3. Wines: ¿They also produce wines in Menorca? Yes, this island has also wineries like the Binifadet one, and if Ferràn Adrià chose it for The Bulli, it must be great.
  4. Sausages: Sobrassada with honey sandwiches… Cuixot with cheese… Delicious!
  5. Ensaimadas and sweets: The chocolat ensaimada is my favourite one, but there are plenty of types in the bakeries!


A pair of party days always help to make of the vacations a great experience. Wether you want to go for a drink or you want to go dancing, Menorca has what you’re looking for. Bars and discos in Ciutadella and Maó, and the globally famous Cova den Xoroi in Cala en Porter.

  1. Party in Cova den Xoroi: ¿A disco in a cave, with sea views even from the bathroom? Yes!
  2. Party in Ciutadella: The capital of the party in Menorca. Lots of bars and discos with free entrance (except some Saturdays in August, when all the island goes to Ciutadella to party)


Patatas bravas de Cas Cònsol.
Patatas bravas of Cas Cònsol.

There is an infinity of restaurants in Menorca. In every village and urban areas you can find a quality gastronomic supply. I took the liberty to choose two well known restaurants, one of “tapas” and the other one specialized in meat. If that isn’t enough to persuade you, you can choose any of the  restaurants in Ciutadella.

  1. Es Caliu: Get ready to eat great grilled meat, although the price is quite high.
  2. Cas Cònsol: Privileged place in the Ciutadella’s Port. Moderate yourself when ordering or your bill will rocket!

Kayak trips, snorkel and cycling tourism

Kayak-Menorca - P1050296
Kayak-Menorca – P1050296

So much beach and so much shopping and you haven’t done anything of sport! Don’t worry that there are also some alternatives, sea sports and mountain sports.

  1. Ciutadella Cala en Blanes/Cala en Brut: A very simple trip for everybody, with sea views and the possibility to dip in the water in Cala en Brut. If you don’t try that’s because you don’t want to!
  2. Kayak in Fornells: This is something more serious. You can do trips of 2 hours in kayak through the Fornells bay. I have seen 10 year old boys doing t, so don’t worry because it’s not very exhausting.

Day 1

Visit to the beach of Cavalleria and in the way back you can stop to buy some ensaimadas in the famous bakery Cas Sucrer in Es Mercadal, but don’t eat them yet! You can go up the Monte Toro to see a great sunset, or just enjoy the beautiful views from the highest point of Menorca. A little party in  Cova den Xoroi won’t harm you!

Day 2

Another day of beach. Nothing less than a trip to Cala Pregonda. If you come back early you can go for a walk through Ses Voltes in Ciutadella, visit the Cathedral and do some shopping. And what about a dinner in Cas Cònsol to end the day? And if you also go for a drink in the port, you have everything tied up!

Day 3

You have already seen 2 beaches of the north of the island… Now it’s time to see the white sand ant sparkling water of the south in Cala Escorxa. You can also stop by in the Cova des Colomss. In the way back you can eat some “tapas” in Cas Marino, next to the Fish Market.

Day 4

After so much beach, it won’t be bad a cultural visit to the Naveta des Tudonss, the oldest building of Europe! Then you can rent some bicycles and go to Cala en Brut and jump to the water from the platforms. A visit to the port of Ciutadella at night to end the day, some walking, shopping, ice creams… summer feels so good.

Day 5

¿You haven’t been to Cala en Turqueta yet? What are you waiting for then! If you’re tired of the “tapas” I recommend you a dinner in the restaurant specialized in meat Es Caliu, 10 minutes from Ciutadella.

Day 6

There’s only 2 days left and so much eating has started to take its toll. Better to compensate it with a day of Kayak in Fornells with a visit to Cabra Salada. ¿You don’t like kayak nor the sea? You can aldo go for Horse Rinding through the coast of Menorca. If you go through the mountain you can also visit Monte Toro or Santa Àgueda’s Castle. In the way back to Ciutadella, you can enjoy the sunset from the popular Lighthouse in Punta Nati.

Day 7

If you are not tired yet I recommend you to make a visit to the beautiful Cala Presili. But please don’t rush an choose whatever you want from my guide. You have almost any kind of activity (cyclism, senderismo, snorkel, cultural visits, etc). I always advise to visit one or more stages of the famous Camí de Cavalls, but you can also just chill out or visit something they’ve suggested you. Enjoy!

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