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Binigaus - 141146
Binigaus – 141146

The Binigaus beach is very visited during summer season. It’s a virgin beach in the south of Menorca, very popular and with easy access by walking as well as by bike. The sand of Binigaus is white and fine and the water has its characteristic turquoise color.

When the south wind blows, waves of considerable size are formed, as the beach has a wide open shape. There are no services in Binigaus, but you can go to the beach of Santo Tomas at 10 or 15 minutes walking, right next to Binigaus, where you can buy beverage and food.

How to Get There

To arrive to Binigaus, there are two main routes. The first one is leaving the car in Santo Tomás, and go from Santo Tomás to Binigaus. This route can be made easily by walking or by bike going through the popular Camí de Cavalls (Path of Horses).

The other route, for the adventurers ones, consists on arriving to the beach from Es Migjorn Gran. This excursion can be made by walking as well as by bike, and you can also enjoy the beautiful views of the gorgeous Cova des Coloms (Pigeons Cave) during the route. The route is the same that you have to make to go to Cala Escorxada from Es Migjorn Gran.

Once You Are There

In Binigaus there are many activities related with the nature that can be made around the beach. In addition to the calssical bath in balear waters, it’s possible to dive until the island of Binicodrell that can be spotted from any point of the beach. If you like horses, you can simply watch some of them who are behind the stone walls next to the path.

Horses in Binigaus

For the hiking and nature lovers, there’s also two good options in Binigaus. You can visit the Cova des Coloms and also go by walking to Cala Escorxada, the most isolated beach of the south of Menorca.

Map and Points of Interest



Hotels Near Binigaus

If you want to be near Binigaus and its neighbours Cala Escorxada and Cala Fustam, there is a rural hotel that I personally like and that I allways recommend:

  • El Hotel Rural Binigaus Vell  is an old country house in an area of Menorca great for nature lovers. It only has 20 rooms available, and is very close to the Cova des Coloms and the virgin beach of Binigaus.

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