Cova des Coloms

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Vista desde lo más profundo de la cueva
View from the inside of the Cave

The Cliff of Binigaus

The cliff of Binigaus starts in the village es Migjorn and ends in the beach of Binigaus, near the beach Santo Tomás. In this cliff you can visit many caves, being the most well known the Cova des Coloms (Pidgeon’s Cave) also known as La Catedral.

How to Get There

Arriving to the Cova des Coloms isn’t easy. You can get there from the village of es Migjorn or from the beach Santo Tomás. I recommend to go by walking or by bike (there are some difficult parts to go by Mountain Bike) from es Migjorn. To arrive to the path that goes from es Migjorn to the cave, you just have to follow the main road to Ferreries and take the deviation to es Migjorn.

Once you are in es Migjorn you have to follow the signs that lead to the beach. You can leave the car next to the cementery placed at the beginning of the path, although there are only 6 or 7 parking places. Once you are in the path you have to follow the arrows and the signals towards the cave. You will see signs of Cave, Cova, Coves, and also red or yellow marks that you have to follow.

If you don’t get lost through the paths, you will arrive to the place that you can see in the photo below, from where you can access to the cave. You shouldn’t last more than 30 minutes from the beginning of the path until the cave.

Acceso a la Cova des Coloms (fíjate en el grafiti azul)
Access to the Cova des Coloms (see the blue graffiti)

Once You Are There…

When you arrive to the cave you will be surprised by the huge dimensions of the place. It’s a cave of 300 meters long, 15 meters wide and 24 meters high. If you decide to get into the cave be careful because the floor is slippery where there are stones due to the moisture of the place. It’s believed that the cave was used as a sanctuary or a place of reigious pilgrimage based on the findings of the inside of the cave.

Once you have seen in detail the inside of the cave, you can go back through the same path you came from, or go to one of the nearest beaches. The easiest option is to go to Binigaus. In 25 minutes you can get to this beautiful beach.

For the adventurer ones, I recommend Cala Escorxada, a spectacular beach of difficult access (if  you go by bike, you will have to leave it in an specific point of the path, unless you are an expert).

If what you want is to visit similar places, you can try to arrive to the Cova del Calar or to the Galliner de Madona (places near the Cove des Coloms) although I have to admit that I’ve never visited them. If you go to Cala Escorxada, don’t forget to go back before it gets dark or it will be very difficult to orientate, and have in mind that it will take 1 hour to go back to the starting point of es Migjorn.



Here you can see a video recorded in the inside of the Cova des Coloms. Seems fun ¿right?

Map and Points of Interest

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