Sweet and Tasty Ensaimadas

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Ensaimada from Menorca - with chocolate- P1120944
Ensaimada from Menorca – with chocolate- P1120944

Ensaimadas from Menorca are one of the delicious and most popular sweet products produced and consumed in Menorca.

Whether at the airport or at the local bakeries in Menorca, most tourists want to take home a portion of Menorca packaged in a controlled atmosphere that allows preservation.

The ensaimada is a confectionery product made from water, sugar, eggs and lard. Lard is called “saïm” in Catalan, here comes the name of the ensaimada: en-saïm-ada.

Although originally the ensaimada comes from Mallorca, Menorca,like the rest of Balearic Islands, maintains the tradition and consumption of this delicious product.

If you visit the island be sure to try the ensaimada, my recommendation is to try a couple of individual varieties before choosing which one to take home when they finish your holiday! My favourite: Chocolate.

Ensaimada Flavors

If you like pastries and sweets in general, you are going to enjoy a lot in Menorc, because in the island you can find ensaimadas stuffed with many different and delicious flavors. The most known flavors are:

  • Cabello de Angel (translates to “Angel Hair”, it’s pumpkin jam – wikipedia)
  • Chocolate!
  • Cream
  • Custard (wikipedia)
  • Sobrassada (wikipedia)

Where To Buy Ensaimadas

If you want to buy some ensaimadas in Menorca, there are a few local bakeries that are well known and have relly good quality. I personally like these:

  • Cas Sucrer: (Es Mercadal): Plaza de la Constitución 11
  • Cas Sucrer (Es Mercadal): Carrer Nou 46 | 971 15 41 44
  • Herbera (Ciutadella): Carrer Sant Antoni Maria Claret 76 | 971 38 19 04
  • Diamante (Ciutadella): Carrer de Josep Maria Quadrado 41 | 971 38 09 40
  • Airport: They sell more expensive ensaimadas, for those who have forgotten to buy some to bring back home.


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