Cala en Brut Platforms

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Cala en Brut Platforms
Cala en Brut Platforms


Platforms in Cala en Brut are a popular place for young and not so young people who like jumping from the cliffs. As well as being a great place to jump into the sea, is an ideal place for those who can’t bear the sand of the beach.

Platforms are made by polished rock and jumps into the sea can be made from different heights. The cove is quite closed and narrow and there are two distinct sides. You must be careful with your belongings when you are jumping, because is very difficult to control what happens on the platforms when you are into the water. Thefts are not common (in fact I’ve necer seen a single incident), but better safe than sorry.

Panorámica de Cala en Brut
Panorámica de Cala en Brut

How To Get There

Cala en Brut (or Cala en Bruc) is very close to the center of Ciutadella and can be reached by car or you can also ride your bike. There is free parking a few meters from the access to the cove.

To arrive to the platforms you should take the road towards Cala en Blanes or Els Delfins. There are two roads to Cala en Blanes: The old Ciutadella road to Cala en Blanes and the Torre del Ram road (is the new one). Both are good, but if you take the old road you will see the lighthouse Sa Farola and you will go along the coast.

If you go by bike, the old road is definitely the best choice because it has a bike lane and very nice views of Mallorca.

Once you arrive at the roundabout at the entrance of the complex Torre del Ram (see map below), you will see the platforms indicated quite clearly. From Ciutadella it takes about 10 minutes by car and between 15 and 25 minutes by bike depending on you.

Cartel indicativo de Cala en Brut (Cala en Bruch)
Sign indicating Cala en Brut (Cala en Bruch)

Once You Are There…

One of the main fears people have jumping into the sea from cliffs are the rocks on the seabed. Fortunately, the depth of the cove is more than enough (usually 4 or 5 meters) so there is no danger in the jumps (for the depth). Despite this, it’s always important to check if the jump is dangerous before venturing like Banzai.

For the more adventurous, there is a jump which is called La Cueva, with a height of over 10 meters and, depending on how you fall, it can be painful. To get to the cave, walk to the end of the cliff that you can see in the second picture.

When people jump from so high, they often choose to entering like a stick or with fists and knees in front, as if you were crawling. I’ve never tried the second option, so if you’re doing it you can leave a comment. In any case, never jump with your water glasses on, because you can hurt yourself and loose them in the fall.

Plataformas de Cala En Brut con agua turquesa
Plataformas de Cala En Brut con agua turquesa. End to the Left there is “La Cueva”

Before Jumping

If you’ve never made any jump. These are the recommendations to consider:

  1. Make sure no one is underneath before you leap. It seems obvious, but there are people who jump without looking.
  2. Check that the seabed has enough depth. If you see many people jumping, means that the jump is safe.
  3. Check that there are no jellyfish. If you see many people swimming is usually a sign that there are no jellyfish in the water.
  4. Never jump holding another person. You can slip and it’s dangerous.
  5. Watch out for slippery rocks. If where you want to jump is wet be careful because you can slip.

Map and Points Of Interest


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