7 Days Tour On Foot Around Menorca Through The Camí de Cavalls GR223

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Tramos del Camí de Cavalls (Consell Insultar de Menorca)
Tramos del Camí de Cavalls (Consell Insultar de Menorca)

This is a guide for hikers who want to explore the full Camí de Cavalls in 7 days. To go around the Camí de Cavalls in just 7 days you have to be in good shape, because in total you have to walk more than 150km at a rate of 4 km / hour.

The tour starts in Maó and starts along the north coast of Menorca which is much harder than the south coast, because it has longer stretches without possibility of stops.

Warnings About Accomoodation, Hydration and Climate

The steps here are only indicative. MenorcaDiferente is not responsible for any setback or accident that may occur to walkers before, during or after your excursions.

Distances are based on Official Guide of the Camí de Cavalls and I add to each stretch the necessary distance to connect the end of one stage to the beginning of the other. Times are calculated without stops so you have to add every day the time you spend stopping to rest, visiting beaches, museums, restaurants, etc.

The recommended quantity of water is simply that: minimum recommendations. Everyone should be aware of the quantity of water that may need depending on the weather.

I don’t recommend anyone sleeping on the beach (although I did it) it’s not allowed in Menorca and if you want to do it you have to carry more weight in the backpack.

It’s important to avoid summer weather to do this route because with the temperatures in July and August, this journey increases its difficulty. You can suffer dehydration (the temperature is over 30 degrees) and there are many stretches without shade.

It’s important to understand the effects of dehydration on athletic performance, loss 4% of body water can result in a decrease of 40% in your athletic performance, or what is the same, you won’t be able to move because of the  fatigue and exhaustion.

Day 1 – Sa Mesquida > Fornells (30.36 km, 8 hours)

  • Km on foot: 30.36 km
  • Km added to the official guide *: 5 km (distance between Addai and Son Saura)
  • Km stretch: 4.21 + 8.53 + 7.74 + 4.88 + 5 *
  • Stretches of the official guide: 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • HotelsHostal S’Algaret, List of Hotels in Fornells
  • Beaches on the Stretch: Es Grau, Tamarells, Sa Turret, Cavaller, Morella, Tortuga, Presili, Son Saura Nord
  • Hydration: 3l per person
  • Comment: If you want to start the first day with something softer to get used, you can stop at km 14 in the Agroturismo “Sa Torre Blanca”. Then you will have to recover 17km another day or you need to do it in more than seven days.

Day 2 – Fornells > Cala Morell (30.52 km, 8 hours)

  • Km on foot: 30.52 km
  • Km added to the official guide *: 1 km (distance between Salines and Cala Tirant)
  • Km stretch: 1* + 8.43 + 8.9 + 8.22 + 3.97
  • Stretches of the official guide: 5, 6, 7 and 8
  • HotelsApartments Sa Cala, List of Hotels in Cala Morell
  • Beaches on the Stretch: Tirant, Cavalleria, Mica, Binimel·la, Pregonda, Barril, Calderer, Alocs, Pilar, Carbó, Algaiarens, Morell.
  • Hydration: 4l per person.

Day 3 – Cala Morell > Cala Blanca (25.01 km, 5 hours)

  • Km on foot: 24.01 km
  • Km added to the official guide *: 1 km (cross Cala Morell) and 12km (Calaespiques to Cala Blanca)
  • Km stretch: 1* + 6.84 + 5.17 +12*
  • Stretches of the official guide: 9 and 10.
  • HotelsVista Playa I-II, List of Hotels in Cala Blanca
  • Beaches on the Stretch: Calasmorts, Calaspous, S’amarador, Corbetar-Pont d’en Gil, Calespiques, Calan Brut, Calan Blanes, Cala Blanca.
  • Hydration: 2l per person.

Day 4 – Cala Blanca > Cala Galdana (21.37 km, 5 hours)

  • Km a pie: 21.37 km
  • Km on foot: 21.37 km
  • Km added to the official guide *: 4km (distance between Cap d’Artutx and Son Xoriguer)
  • Km stretch: 4.10 + 4* + 8.89 + 4.38
  • Stretches of the official guide: 11, 12 and 13.
  • HotelsApartments Annabel’s, List of Hoteles in Cala Galdana
  • Beaches on the Stretch: Cala en Bosc, Son Xoriguer, Paretjals, Son Vell, Son Saura Sur, Es Talaier, Turqueta, Macarelleta, Macarella, Galdana.
  • Hydration: 3l per person.

Day 5 – Cala Galdana > Cala en Porter (22.2 km, 6 hours)

  • Km on foot: 22.2 km
  • Km added to the official guide *: 1.5km (cross Cala Galdana and arrive to the stretch number 17)
  • Km stretch: 1.5* + 9.97 + 2.93 + 7.8
  • Stretches of the official guide: 14, 15 and 16.
  • HotelsSa Barrera, List of Hotels in Cala en Porter
  • Beaches on the Stretch: Mitjaneta, Mitjana, Trebalúger*, Fustam*, Escorxada*, Binigaus, Sant Adeodat, Santo Tomás, Son Bou, Llucalari, Sant Llorenç, Cala en Porter
  • Hydration: 3l per person.
  • Comments*: the original route does not pass through Trebalúger, Fustam or Escorxada beaches. If you skip the official route and go along the coast, you will see these three spectacular beaches, but it will take you longer.

Day 6 – Cala en Porter > Es Castell (26.91 km, 5 hours)

  • Km on foot: 26.91 km
  • Km added to the official guide *: 1km (cross Cala en Porter), 1km (cross Es Canutells), 8km (the distance between Cap d’en Front and Punta Prima) and 2km (the distance between Sant Esteve ans Es Castell).
  • Km stretch: 1*+ 4.75 + 1* + 3.37 + 8* + 2.26 + 4.17 + 2*
  • Stretches of the official guide: 17, 18, 19 and 20.
  • HotelsHostal Horitzonte, List of Hoteles in Es Castell.
  • Beaches on the Stretch: Calascoves, Canutells, Binidalí, Biniparratx, Caló Blanc, Binissafúller, Caló Fondo, Binibèquer, Biniancolla, Punta Prima, Alcafar, s’Algar, Rafalet, Sant Esteve
  • Hydration: 3l per person.

Día 7 – Es Castell > Maó (3 km, 1 hours)

About Total Distance and Real Distance

Camí de Cavalls - Son Bou
Camí de Cavalls – Son Bou

The Camí de Cavalls distance is officially 185 km. If you add the distances of the 7 stretches I marked, you’ll see that you only have to do 159 km. Worst of all is that if you add the distances of the 20 stretches of the official guide, add up only 120 km. Where are the missing miles?

There are two areas in which the official guide “mix” kilometers: Maó and Ciutadella.

  • Maó: Between the end of the stretch 20 (Sant Esteve) and the beginning of stretch 1 (Sa Mesquida), there are around 10 and 13 km that are not documented in the official guide.
  • Ciutadella; There are also about 10 km undocumented between the end of stretch10 (Calespiques) and start of stretch 11 (Cala Blanca).

Finally, the guide doesn’t mark all small distances that must be taken into account between the end of a section and the beginning of the next, that can get to be between 1 and 5 km in some cases; such as between the end of section 3 (port d’Addai) and the beginning of section 4 (Son Saura).

If you want to make the whole Cami de Cavalls, without skipping not even one meter, the best option is to use the full track of Camí de Cavalls that is 186 km route

Maps Of The Tour Around Menorca Through The Camí de Cavalls GR223

Map of the complete route of the Camí de Cavalls according to the Consell Insular de Menorca.

Hotels Map


Official Guide: 4.21 + 8.53 + 7.74 + 4.88 + 8.43 + 8.90 + 8.22 + 3.97 + 6.84 + 5.17 + 4.10 + 8.89 + 4.38 + 9.97 + 2.93 + 7.80 + 4.75 + 3.73 + 2.26 + 4.17 = 119.87 km

MenorcaDiferente Route: 30.36 + 30.52 + 25.01 + 21.37 + 22.2 + 26.91 + 3 = 159.37 km

Full track non-stop (track)186.73km

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5 thoughts on “7 Days Tour On Foot Around Menorca Through The Camí de Cavalls GR223

  • Thank you for your description.
    a couple of questions:
    – is it easy to find water during the track?
    and… I will be probably by myself and my intention is to sleep in my tent. How many days did you sleep in your tent? Did you have problems?
    Thank you


    • Hi Giulia,

      In the north it is NOT easy to find water. Specially from Pregonda to Cala en Porter, there are no “water points”.

      In the south it’s easier as there are towns and bars in the coast. The longest part without towns in the south is from Galdana to Santo Tomas, and it’s “only” 11km.

      I’ve only slept once with tent, which is not legal, and i got fined.
      All the other days I’ve done “vivac-vibouac”.
      I would avoid the tent if you can, as you will probably get fined.

      • Where did you camp, how did they find you and how much was the fine?

      • Hi, I had the tent at Macarelleta (bad idea)
        They found us because there are 2 “rangers” checking on some beaches during summer.
        I don’t remember the fine, that was like 10 years ago.

  • Thanks for a really well written and informative description.!! .


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