Binibeca Beach

Cala Binibeca
Cala Binibeca

Binibeca area is quite crowded during the summer months, partly because of the wonderful town of  Binibèquer Vell, which attracts hundreds of tourists to its beatifull and narrow streets.

Binibeca beach is quite small and is next to the urban center known as Binibèquer Nou, so it is an urban beach.

Although the beach it is a touristic place, it also has some of the properties of the unspoilt beaches South Menorca: fine white sand and crystal clear waters.

How To Get There

To reach Binibeca Beach from Mao is necessary to go towards Sant Lluís and then follow the signs to Binibeca or Binibèquer, In about 15 minutes you’ll be there, it’s difficult to get lost.

From Ciutadella the route is considerably longer because you first have to go through the main road towards Mao, then go to Sant Lluís (the deviation from the airport) and follow the signs to Binibeca or Binibèquer.

Near the beach there are 2 free car parkings, so you may find somewhere to park the car, although at peak times it is always difficult.

Once You Are there

Binibeca is an urban beach, so there is a snack bar net to the sea for those who enjoy a drink near the waves. The snack bar is a fishing hut with a door painted in bright red.

If you want, yo don’t need to bring food and drink, and there are sun loungers and umbrellas which can be rented.

Besides sunbathing and swimming, if you are on the beach do not forget to visit the village of Binibèquer Vell (before or after going to the beach).

Chiringuito de Cala Binibeca
Chiringuito de Cala Binibeca

If you look closely, from the edge of Binibeca is possible to distinguish in the distance the lighthouse Illa de l’Aire (Air Island Lighthouse).

If you have a boat you can pay a visit to the lighthouse as it is just 5km from the beach of Binibeca. Do not even try to go swimming!

Faro de l'Illa de l'aire visto desde Binibeca
Faro de l’Illa de l’aire visto desde Binibeca

Map & Points of Interest

Mapa y puntos de interés de Cala Binibeca

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