Cala Biniparratx

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Swimmers in Cala Biniparratx
Swimmers in Cala Biniparratx

Cala Biniparratx is another of the “bini” coves of Menorca (bini- is a prefix of Arab origin that is equivalent to “Son of …”), located very close to Binisafúller and Binidalí. Biniparratx is south facing,so it has “face” sun for most of the day.

The beach is about 20 meters wide by 20 meters long,so it has room for quite a few people on the sand. Biniparratx has as main remarkable point the access to the beach, which runs through the center of the ravine of Biniparratx.

  • During the summer Biniparratx is usually full,but not crowded because in the small free parking of access to the beach does not fit more than 10 cars.
  • If you intend to visit it is better to arrive early(before 10am)or before sunset(after 4pm)

Beach Info

  • Orientation:South
  • Type:Semi-Urban Beach
  • Services: None
  • Summer occupancy: 3/5 (the higher the more people there are)
  • Surface* of the beach: 501 m2 (* Estimate. The surface changes every year)
  • Walking Access: 250 meters (5 minutes)
  • Nearest parking: 300 meters (5 minutes)
  • Previous Beach: Binidalí
  • Next Beach:Caló Blanc
  • is it in the Camí de Cavalls? :No

How to Get to Biniparratx

Parking in Biniparratx
Parking in Biniparratx

Getting to Biniparratx is very easy from Maò. You just have to follow the signs for Sant Climent and later follow the signs to Binidalí and then to Biniparratx. The car parking is on the road that connects Binidalí with Binisafúller.

  • Biniparratx parking is not indicated, so you will have to pay attention when you pass by. It’s a little gravy area with a sign and a wooden fence.
  • From the car park you will have to walk 300 meters,for about 5-10 minutes along the path that runs through the ravine. At the end you will reach the sand of the beach, and you will see the caves (necropolis) on the right side of the cliff.

Once There…

Tourists in Biniparratx
Tourists in Biniparratx

Biniparratx is a beach where there are not many activity options. There are no services of any kind (showers, lifeguard, baths, restaurants) and you will not be able to rent boats or kayaks. Some activities you can try include:

  • Snorkeling: The strong point of Biniparratx is snorkeling,as in almost all the beaches of Menorca. On both sides of the beaches there are rocky bottoms of shallow depth,where you can see quite a lot of marine fauna.
  • Beach and Children: If you like shallow beaches, you are in luck, in Biniparratx you can walk to the sea for about 15 or 20 meters without problems,as there is little depth. For this reason it is also a good beach to go with children,although you have to take into account that it is a nudist beach and quite calm and relaxed.
  • Hiking: If you want to take a walk, you can go up to see the caves on the right side of the cove. In the middle of the cliff about 5 meters high, you will see multiple caves dug into the stone. These caves or necropolis were used as burial caves during the bronze period by the ancient settlers of the island.
  • Photograph:In addition to entering the caves, you can follow the paths that lead to the top of the ravine (beware, there are no indications of any kind) and enjoy very nice views of the beach and its bay.

Biniparratx Photos

Map and Points of Interest

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