Cala Binidalí Beach

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Binidali Beach
Binidali Beach


Cala Binidalí Beach is a tiny beach next to the urbanization of Binidalí. This beach is not very crowded mainly because of its small dimensions (not much people can fit in there!).

Because it is so small and relatively unknown, in Cala Binidalí one can relax in the little sandy space the beach offers to swimmers. The beach is very narrow and not very deep, but its characteristic turquoise water and white sand make it a spectacular beach.

If you plan to go to Binidali, you should check the wind before, this beach is much better when north wind is blowing.

How To Get There

Getting to Binidalí is not easy, but is well indicated.

Both from Maó and from Ciutadella, drive to Cala en Porter, and once taken the detour to Cala en Porter, follow the signs to Sant Climent.

From Sant Climent just follow the road until you reach the turnoff to Binibèquer, Biniparratx and Binidalí. From there, just follow the road signs to Binidalí.

Once you get to Binidalí, the beach is marked with signs. Near the beach there is a small free parking, not too small because the beach cannnot fit so many people, so if the parking is full, the beach is going to be too.

Parking de Binidalí junto a la playa
Parking de Binidalí junto a la playa

Once You Are There

Once you’ve reached the beach of Binidalí, simply sit on its white sand to enjoy the views, the sun and crystal clear water.

You can dive fairly quiet when the wind is blowing from north. For those who don’t like to rest in peace in an awesome beach, I recommend a small tour on the right side of the cliffs, where you can see a small house and take pictures of the beach as you can see below

Velero en Binidalí
Velero en Binidalí

Map & Points Of Interest


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