Cala Fustam Beach

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Cala Fustam
Cala Fustam

Cala Fustam is a virgin beach in the south of Menorca completely isolated from the world. It’s probably the most hidden and lost beach of the south coast, especially due to its difficult access both by walking or by bike. It’s placed in the ANEI Me 13 (Natural Area of Special Interest).

Cala Fustam is the little sister of Cala Escorxada, but as it’s smaller and not as beautiful as Cala Escorxada, it’s difficult to find people there. If you have arrived there by walking, is better to stay in Cala Escorxada.

The beach is 25 meters wide and usually it has posidonia in the sand. People often access to the beach by boat in order to stay a while and go back, so it’s a good beach for those who like solitude and isolation. It’s difficult to find this beach as crowded as Macarella or Macarelleta.

How To Get There

In order to get to the beach, you have to follow the same instructions as to arrive to Cala Escorxada. You can leace the car in 3 different palces:

  1. Parking of Cala Mitjana
  2. Parking of Santo Tomás
  3. Parking next to the cementery of Es Migjorn Gran .

The walk from any of these parkings is hard. Have in mind that you have at least 1 hour from any of these points and don’t forget to bring plenty of water if it’s a sunny day (at least 2L per person), you will need it.

Once You Are There

If you have arrived to Cala Fustam by walking or by bike, you are an authentic master of the hiking. If you come from Cala Mitjana, it would be nonsense to walk for 5 more minutes until getting to Cala Escorxada and compare which of the beaches do you like most to stay. If you come from the other side, from Santo Tomás or Es Migjorn, it’s not worth it to walk to Trebalúger unless you like hiking. As well as in almost all beaches of Menorca, if you have diving goggles it’s woth it to do a bit of snorkel and investigate the marine fauna.

Map and Points of Interest

Hotels Near to Cala Fustam

If you are visiting Cala Fustam, that means that you are ready to walk and you probably like the natural landscapes with few people. If that’s your case, you may like these rural hotels:

  1. Hotel Rural Binigaus Vell: In the middle of nowhere and with option to horse riding. Relaxation in a priviledged place guaranteed.
  2. Agroturisme Binisaid: Binigaus Vell is very good, but Binisaid is a more affordable option.

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