Cala Macarelleta

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Cala Macarelleta desierta en semana santa
Cala Macarelleta empty during easter holidays

About the Beach

Cala Macarelleta is another beach that usually appears in the post cards of Menorca. It has white and fine sand, and it has turquoise water. The beach is often frequented by nudists. Macarelleta is placed in the same bay of Cala Macarella, but is considerably smaller and it doesn’t have restaurant.

How to Get There

You can only arrive to Cala Macarelleta from Cala Macarella.

To arrive to Macarella you have to take the Sant Joan de Missa road from Ciutadella and follow the signs that you will see along the road.

It takes 20-25 minutes from Ciutadella to Macarella by car, and over 1 hour by bike. It’s the same road that you have to take to go to Son Saura or to Cala en Turqueta.

When you arrive to the beach (Macarella), there are two parkings. The first one is at 900 meters from the beach (15 minutes walking) and it’s free, and the second one is at 300 meters from the beach (5 minutes walking) but you have to pay to park there.

Once You Are There

Once you are in Macarella, you have to walk around 5 minutes to arrive to Cala Macarelleta. It’s a recommendable path as Macarella has a restaurant and therefore is usually more crowded. The path that goes to Macarelleta is placed, if you look to the see, on the right side of the beach.

It’s not excessively complicated to arrive there, but if you go with children it can be a bit more complicated. In Macarelleta there are no services nor restaurants, so if you have planned to spend the day there, don’t forget food and drinks!

Vista desde las escaleras de acceso a Macarelleta
View from the access stairs to Macarelleta

Estrella Damm Advertisement

Since 2010, with one of the famous advertisements of Estrella Damm in the island, Cala Macarelleta is almost allways crowded. I no longer go to the beach to avoid the overcrowding, that has arrived to a point where you can’t even find a spot in the sand to put the towell, and people occupy irreverently spaces that are reserved to regenerate the dunes.

Gente ocupando espacios en regeneración en Cala Macarelleta
People occupying spaces for regeneration in Cala Macarelleta


Map and Points of Interest

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