Cala Macarella

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Cala Macarella en la distancia
Cala Macarella

Important Update: In 2019 the access to Macarella and Macarelleta will only be possible by Bus from June to August.

Cala Macarella is another paradisiacal beach of Menorca. It’s in the south coast and is one of the most crowded virgin calas during summer vacation as it has many services and a close parking. The photo of Cala Macarella is at the fore of many postal cards of the island.

How to Get There

To arrive to Cala Macarella you just need to take the Sant Joan de Missa road from Ciutadella, and follow the signs that you can see along the road. The route from Ciutadella to Macarella takes arround 20-25 minutes by car, and over 1 hour by bike. It’s the same road that you have to take to go to Son Saura or Cala en Turqueta.

When you arrive to the beach, there are two parkings. The first one is at 900 meters from the beach (15 minutes walking) and it’s free. The second one is at 300 meters from the beach (5 minutes walking) but you have o pay to park there.

Once You Are There…

In the very same beach you can find a beach bar with capacity for over 100 people, and it’s usually very crowded at lunch time. The mai problem of the beach is that it’s very crowded due to its popularity, its parkings and its services (as you can see in the photo).

The other option is Macarelleta, a little beach next to Macarella, where you can arrive by a 5 minutes walk path. Personally, I don’t like to go to Macarella during summer because it’s too crowded. Although it’s a beautifull beach, like almost every beach of the south, the amount of people can overwhelm a little bit.

Obviously, when people see photos like the one above, they don’t think it twice before going to Macarella. My advice is that you go early and walk to Macarelleta, where you will be a bit more relaxed.


Cala Macarella visa desde los acantilados.
Cala Macarella view from the cliffs. (Photographer: Bolognesi)


Map and Points of Interest

Hotels Near Cala Macarella

As Cala Macarella is placed in a virgin environment, the closest hotels are in Cala Galdana (2km walking from Macarella). If you don’t like to stay in very touristic places, I don’t recommend you to accomodate there..

  1. Hotel Audax Spa & Wellness Centre: In Cala Galdana, free wifi and a relaxing environment. You can arrive to Macarella by walking 25 minutes.
  2. Confortel Menorca: In Cala Galdana, free wifi and free parking. 25 minutes walk from Macarella.

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