Cala Pregondó – S’Alairó – S’Embarcator

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Aerial view of Cala Pregondó
Aerial view of Cala Pregondó

Cala Pregondó (also known as S’Alairó and S’Embarcador)is a small beach located next to its older sister Cala Pregonda.

It is a beach facing north but very well protected from the swell both by the pits of its right and by the Escull de Pregonda.

  • One of the curiosities of the sands of Pregonda and Pregondó is that they are part of the most fertile agricultural land of Menorca,known as Martinells. These lands are the ones that receive the most rainwater annually from all menorca.

Beach Info

  • Orientation:North
  • Type:Virgin Beach
  • Services: None
  • Summer occupancy : 3/5 (the higher the more people there are)
  • Surface* of the beach: 2.150 m2 (* Estimate. The surface changes every year)
  • Foot Access: 1.4 km (30 minutes)
  • Nearest car park:1.4 km (30 minutes) – Parking in Binimel.
  • Previous Beach: Binimel.l.
  • Next Beach: Cala Pregonda
  • Are you in the Camí de Cavalls? :Yes

How to Get to Cala Pregondó

To go by car to Pregondó you have to take from Es Mercadal the road that leads to Fornells, and detour towards the beach of Cavalleria.

  • Once on the roads, it is quite easy to get there, you just need to follow the signs to Binimel.l. and park in the free parking. For more details you can consult the map at the end of the information.
  • Although there are roads that lead to the same beach, these are private roads that the owners do not allow to use. So you can only reach the beach by walking from the parking lot of Binimella or by boat.
  • The journey to Cala Pregondó is somewhat hard,as it is about 25 minutes in the sun through rocky terrain (by the famous Camí de Cavalls),and some ups and downs that can leave you K.O. at 2 noon.

Once There

Cala Pregonoó in Spring
Cala Pregonoó in Spring

Pregondó is a spectacular beach that almost anywhere in the world would be considered a must-see. However, this small beach has next to Cala Pregonda,so there are many people who pass by and go directly to Pregonda.

If you decide to stay in Pregondó you can enjoy the same tranquility that is in Pregonda but with a small advantage:

  • Progonó is facing north,so the Sun will give you head-on, while in Cala Pregonda the Sun turns its back from noon.

Pregondó Photos

Map and Points of Interest


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